Holganix Case Study: Daniel Island Club Reduces Fertilizer with Holganix


Holganix Bio 800 Golf just makes sense,” explains Joey Franco, Director of Agronomy at Daniel Island Club. “The soil microbes improve soil health, and with good soil health, you see turf quality improvements throughout the golf course.” 

Daniel Island Club is a premier private club located in Charleston, South Carolina. The club has two 18-hole courses and Joey has been using Holganix Bio 800 Golf on both courses since 2018.

Since using the product, Joey reports he has reduced fertilizer by 25%, and irrigation by 40% and he has seen significant root development and improved playability. 

During our interview with Joey, we explored the following topics numbered below. Click the link to skip to the topic of your choice or continue scrolling to read the full interview.  

  1. What does your program look like? 
  2. What results have you seen with Holganix Bio 800? 
  3. Why did you decide to use Holganix Bio 800?
  4. What is your background? 
  5. How does Holganix Bio 800 Golf work? 


What Does your Program look like? 

Daniel Island Club has heavy clay and marshy soils. The turf type is Latitude 36TM Bermudagrass, but they do have Zoysia around the bunkers.  

They use Holganix Bio 800 10-to-11 months of the year, depending on the weather. “We apply Holganix Bio 800 every two weeks at a rate of 14 ounces per 1,000 square feet,” explains Joey. “We like to mix it with a surfactant to push the microbes into the ground and better drive soil health and root mass.”


What results have you seen with Holganix Bio 800? 

“I use Holganix Bio 800 because it builds soil health and root development,” states Joey. "Just like a house needs a solid foundation, the soil and roots are the foundation to solid results at a golf course. Holganix Bio 800 gives us that foundation.”  

Since using the product, Joey reports they have been able to reduce fertilizer by 25%, irrigation by 40%, and have seen significant root development. It has also “improved playability and tolerance to stresses like weather and traffic.” 

Joey also uses the product during aeration and renovation projects. When aerating, he applies the product over two applications, one before aeration and the other after. “I must say, this product has decreased recovery time and improved our turf health.” 

This week, he will be incorporating Holganix Bio 800 into a renovation project. “There’s no reason why not to use it!”  


Why did you decide to use Holganix Bio 800? 

Joey first started using the product about six or seven years ago when he was the administrator of the golf course and grounds at Cherokee Town and Country Club and Brookstone Golf and Country Club. He had been introduced to the product through Shannon Easter, the Director of Sustainability and Golf Maintenance, at Broken Sound Golf Club in Boca Raton, Florida.  

“I was very pleased with the significant development of the root length and root mass.” So, when he took the Director of Agronomy at Daniel Island Club in 2018, Joey made sure he included Bio 800 in this program.  



What is your background?

A big sports fanatic in his younger years, Joey wanted to go into the NFL, but wound up “falling in love with golfing.” He graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor's degree in Turfgrass  Management and has a certificate in Principles of Turfgrass Management from the University of Georgia. 

With 20+ years in the industry, Joey took over the role of Director of Agronomy at Daniel Island Club in 2018. He oversees their two courses and the landscaping grounds. “During our peak season, we have about 70 employees to help maintain the courses.” Adds Joey, “I love interacting with everyone on the course, whether it is the staff or guests.” 


How does Holganix Bio 800 Golf Work?


Holganix Bio 800+ harnesses the power of over 800 species of soil microbes to increase nutrient uptake and availability, improve root growth, and increase playability. What can you expect from Holganix Bio 800 Golf? 

  • Improve playability 
  • Improve plant resilience against environmental stress 
  • Swifter recovery time 
  • Boost root architecture 
  • Maximize uptake of nutrients, minerals, and water 
  • Develop soil health 

Want to learn more about using Holganix Bio 800 on your course?  

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