Holganix Case Study: Healthier Corn, Bigger Roots at Illinois Farm

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On June 19th, JD Sudeth, farm manager of AGIO 1 Ltd in Springfield, Illinois, surveyed his corn crop. There had been no measurable rain since the corn had been planted just one month prior. It was a corn-on-corn rotation and this year’s crop was looking healthy despite the lack of rain. 

He walked down two separate rows and pulled fresh corn stalks from each row. 

On one row, JD had applied a 10-34-0 fertilizer analysis at 3.5 gallons per acre. On the second row’s crops, JD had not only applied fertilizer but had also applied Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture at a rate of 0.5 gallons per acre. Applications for both products were sprayed in furrow. 

The crop treated with Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture not only had longer roots but denser roots as well. The Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture crop’s stalk also appeared more vigorous and the foliage fuller. These results are consistent with other farmers in the region using Bio 800+. 

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JD has been acting as a farmer dealer, promoting Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture to farmers in the region after using this product for two years and seeing an increase in root growth and plant development.  

Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture harnesses the power of over 800 species of soil microbes to promote plant strength, root growth, crop yield, and soil health. “It’s the most diverse microbial on the market,” explains David Stark Ph.D., President of Holganix Agriculture. 

Farmers using Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture often see crops with improved root architecture and plant strength, allowing crops to better manage tough weather conditions. "Strong root architecture is an early indicator of a good crop yield," notes David.

"I was drawn to Holganix in 2019 after meeting the CEO, Barrett Ersek, at Farmcon. I was surprised by how many high-end golf courses and professional sports fields were using Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture to improve the look of their turf. If those people are using Holganix and saying it works, then it's no joke," says JD. 

JD is excited to see what Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture can do for his 2021 crop of corn and soybeans. "I'm looking forward to another year of using the product and promoting it to other farmers in the area." 


Dig into the Data: University and Commercial Grower Trials 

Over the years, we have compiled data on several different crops, in different geographic zones, to deepen our understanding of how Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture can help farmers maximize crops. Click the button below to access a sample from our 2017 - 2020 collection. 

Ag Data

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