Holganix Farmer Dealer Program

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Increase revenue on your farm by becoming a Holganix dealer! We partner with entrepreneurial, influential farmers that are looking to add an additional revenue stream to their farm by promoting Holganix Bio 800+ to other farmers. 

So, why become a farmer dealer?

  1. Earn additional revenue for your farm
  2. Represent a microbial tech that’s proven to provide a 2-10x return on your investment in just one season. 
  3. Only a select number of farmer dealers will be chosen from select geographies.

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What do our growers say about bio 800+?

Dig into the science!

The health and vitality of your crops and soils are of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we put Holganix Bio 800+ to the test. 

Over the past four years, we have compiled data on several crops in several geographic zones to deepen our understanding of how Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture can help farmers maximize yields.

Watch the 8.5-minute video to the left for an overview of our studies, or explore them in-depth in the text below.

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