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In the summer, Holganix CEO Barrett Ersek would spend his weekends fishing for striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay. Each year there was more and more conversation about the effects fertilizers were having on the fish population and marine life in the Chesapeake. At the time, Barrett was running HappyLawn: a regional lawn care provider that serviced the area surrounding the Chesapeake Bay. Homeowners - HappyLawn’s customers, began to ask questions, Was HappyLawn’s Service Chesapeake Bay Safe? 

Those questions inspired Barrett to begin looking for answers. How could fertilizer users grow healthy plants, turf, and crops using fewer fertilizers and pesticides? 

In 2010, Holganix LLC was born. Centered around our pioneering microbial product Bio 800+, Holganix harnesses the power of over 800 soil microbes to boost plant and soil health.

For lawn care companies and golf courses, Holganix Bio 800+ provides a solution to reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides without sacrificing agronomic results. For farmers, Holganix Bio 800+ increases fertilizer uptake by the plant, builds dense root systems, and ultimately increases crop yield. All while charging soils with the soil microbes they need to be productive. 

Our mission is to revolutionize the way the world grows and to help us track that revolution, we created our Greater Green Goal. We pledge to eliminate 100 million pounds of nitrates, 25 million pounds of phosphates and 100 million ounces of concentrated pesticides from entering the universe by Earth Day 2022. 

Fertilizers are an integral part of how the green industry delivers results and feeds the world. By championing our Greater Green Goal we are seeking to deliver agronomic tools that allow fertilizer users to increase nutrient uptake and reduce their reliance on fertilizers.


Greater Green Goal: Where are we now? 

Today, Holganix products are used by over 1,000 lawn care companies, dozens of top tier golf courses and professional sports arenas, and hundreds of thousands of farmland acres.

To date, Holganix has eliminated 33,256,178 pounds of nitrates, 8,314,044 pounds of phosphates and 31,177,667 ounces of concentrated pesticides. 

“We are about 33% of the way to reaching our goal,” explains Barrett. “We have a journey to reach our goal, but we are bullish on our ability to achieve it.” 

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How Does Holganix Bio 800+ Reduce or Optimize Fertilizer and Pesticide Use?  

Depending on the plant type, with each gallon of Holganix Bio 800+ used, we eliminate about 18 pounds of nitrates, 4 pounds of phosphates and 17 ounces of concentrated pesticides.

Holganix Bio 800+ charges soils with microbes that help the plant: 

  1. Grow stronger roots that can better mine for nutrients
  2. Increase nutrient availability by making nitrogen-fixing bacteria and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria more readily available
  3. Building long-term soil health so that the soil can better capture and store nutrients - this thanks to microbes that keep nutrients in the root zone longer where plants can better access them
  4. Boosting plant resilience so that the plant can better handle stress caused by weather, disease, traffic and more

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Check out the Holganix Data

We have dedicated our company to the understanding of soil science- and have developed the Bio 800+ product line to ensure your soil is everything healthy soils were designed to be; teeming with diverse life that promotes plant performance. 

The Holganix Research and Development Team consists of scientists with over 97 years of experience in agriculture and agronomy. Our scientists also work with teams of scientific advisors and university researchers to validate and optimize Holganix technology.

Holganix is field- and lab-tested- for proven and reliable results in plant performance. University studies have researched and validated Holganix's performance advantage. Holganix products have been tested in the field by farmers, top tier PGA golf courses, professional sports fields and some of the world’s largest lawn care companies.

Check Out Our Agriculture Studies

Check Out Our Turf & Ornamental Studies

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