How Do You Use Holganix Products?

Holganix products have many different functions for different types of users, but when it comes to the lawn and landscape contractor, there are two key ways to use Holganix products:

  1. Through plant start applications
  2. Through soil smart programs. 


Plant Start Applications - Creating a Thriving Landscape Installation

Contractors that install plants - whether flowers, trees, shrubs, or turf - have a challenge on their hands.

In essence, they take a perfectly healthy plant from a greenhouse or nursery and install it in dead soil that is common in new subdivisions. The plant suffers from transplant shock and will either struggle to take root and adapt to its new home or eventually, it may die.

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However, there is a solution. Contractors can utilize any of the Holganix Bio 800+ products as the plant start applications after installing a new plant. Contractors, simply water the plant with Holganix Bio 800+, and the plant will grow strong roots, that allow the plant to not only survive but thrive in its new home.

Watch the VIDEO for a demonstration of how to use Holganix Bio 800+ products during plant start applications. If you are reading this blog via email, click here to watch the video. 


Soil Smart Program - Turn-key, Sustainable Fertilization Programs

For maintenance contractors, offering fertilizer services can be confusing and at times, unpredictable. Traditional fertilizer programs create artificially green turf that is often fragile and susceptible to damage from stresses like weather and traffic among others.

Holganix Soil Smart Programs are turn-key and consist of all the products needed for a fertilization program including fertilizer, herbicides, and of course, your Holganix plant probiotics.

However, unlike a traditional fertilizer program, the Holganix Soil Smart Program requires fewer fertilizers and pesticides to create a green, weed-free lawn. Further, the Soil Smart Program focuses on building strong, resilient turf that is better able to deal with stress.

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Why Use A Soil Smart Program?

The Soil Smart Programs are:

  • Turn-key and includes any input needed to create a green, weed-free lawn – this means herbicides, fertilizers, and your Holganix plant probiotics are all included.
  • Designed regionally to fit your soil and turf types.
  • Reviewed by Holganix Ph.D. agronomists.
  • Provides both a quick plant response and long-term plant resilience.
  • Reduces the need for chemicals so contractors are using a sustainable program.

What does your region’s Soil Smart Program look like? Click the button below to access your Soil Smart Program and start building stronger turf that requires fewer fertilizers and pesticides.


Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Mar 30, 2018 9:16:20 AM

Kaitlyn Ersek

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