Holganix Bio 800 Competition: Snap a picture, WIN Holganix Swag!

Holganix Bio 800

Harness the power of Holganix Bio 800+ microbes and show off your crops, lawns, sports turf, flowers and/or trees and shrubs. 

Holganix has launched its annual Bio 800+ competition, which is open to ALL Holganix customers including: farmers, landscapers, lawn care companies, sports turf managers, golf course superintendents, nurseries, and greenhouses.  

For each picture submitted, you win a Holganix-branded hat! 



Farmers - Dig up your roots and snap a picture for a chance to win big prizes. Each month, we will award a Holganix-branded Carhartt lunchbox for "Best Picture" in each of the categories listed below. Bonus points go to farmers that submit pictures with a control!

  1. Corn 
  2. Soybeans 
  3. Specialty Plant Type 

So what's new this year? Submit a video testimonial to win a Carhartt cooler! 

competition prizes

Turf and Ornamental 

Turf professionals – Have you noticed any difference between your Holganix treated versus non-treated lawns, golf/sports turf, flowers, and/or trees and shrubs? Take before and after pictures of your recovery, or show us a comparison between Holganix versus the control treatment, for a chance to win awesome prizes! 

Each month, we will award a Holganix-branded hydro flask for "Best Picture" in each of the following categories: 

  1. Lawn 
  2. Golf Course 
  3. Sports Turf 
  4. Nurseries 

So, what's new this year? Submit a video testimonial to win a Carhartt cooler! 

lawn care competition prizes

Competition Details 

This Bio 800+ competition is from June 1st through September 30th, 2023, and is open to ALL Holganix customers.  

Submit your photos via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using @Holganix. You can also submit your photos via email using rpatel@holganix.com or via text using 206-647-0696. 


Check Out these submissions!

Holganix has been conducting this annual competition since 2014. Check out the collage below, featuring submissions from previous years.  

holganix roots




Using Microbials To Improve Soil Health 

Holganix Bio 800+ charges soil with over 800 species of soil microbes to improve plant performance. 

What does this mean for you? 

This means building increased soil and root health, adding the benefits of better soil structure to whatever soil type you have. Ultimately, this translates to an improved yield on crops, better playability on golf courses, and a reduced need for fertilizers and pesticides on turf and crops.  

Learn more about the science behind Holganix Bio 800+ below. 

The Science Behind Holganix 

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