Download:  Flower Marketing In A Box 

Marketing tools for lawn and landscape companies

Marketing your current flower care program (or adding one if it's not a current service) can serve as an excellent source of high margin, additional revenue from current customers. 

Utilize your Flower Marketing In A Box to help promote your flower program to current customers and prospects.



1. Stealable Content: Steal our flower information copy to include on letters to current customers, your email newsletter and blog. 

2. Social Media: Grab our visual social media posts to help advertise your flower program to fans and followers on social media networks.

3. Video: Include our video on your website, blog, email newsletter and social media efforts, explaining why flower applications are important to the overall look of a yard.

4. Educational Content: Information on Holganix Bloom including an article and invitation to join an exclusive webinar on the product featuring Holganix user, Brandon Haley the Grounds Manager for Red Diamond Inc and winner of the PGMS Green Star Award for Best Maintained Landscape.