Holganix Lawn Product 

Holganix combines a highly evolved, concentrated compost tea with living, beneficial microorganisms and other plant health ingredients to naturally promote a beautiful, green lawn. The product is a 100% organic, plant probiotic that balances the soil’s ecosystem, building strong roots and growing healthier, more resilient turf.

By utilizing Holganix, your lawn care company adapts an organic-based lawn care program, allowing you to replace up to 75% of your traditional fertilizers and 25% of your concentrated pesticides with Holganix.

Holganix also promotes a steady growth pattern to the plant, without surge growth. For full-service lawn care providers, this means reducing clipping yields, ultimately leading to money saved and an increase in sustainability.



What are the ingredients?

Holganix Lawn is teeming with life!

In a single jug of Holganix Lawn there are over 800 species of bacteria, 20+ species of fungi, dozens of other microorganisms and numerous soil amending ingredients. 

Unlike other biological plant products, Holganix Lawn contains an entire microbiome or community of organisms that is both abundant and diverse. 

What's the result? Soils and plants treated with Holganix are better able to flourish regardless of the problem faced.

Download our Holganix Ingredient list to learn about some of our key components. 

>>Download the Holganix Ingredient List


Does Holganix Lawn REALLY work?

Holganix does work! Does Holganix really work? Don't ask us, ask our clients.

According to Andrew Gabries of Andrew's Lawn and Landscaping, by going organic, he was able to stand apart from the competition and still compete on price. Click the link below to read a case study on Andrew's Lawn and Landscaping and the great results they have seen so far with Holganix.

>>Learn about Andrew's Holganix experience


It’s Easy To Apply Holganix To Your Lawn

Here are some application guidelines for your lawn -- and since over-applying is never a problem, don’t be afraid to use a little extra.


How much per 1,000 square feet?

  • 7 oz. per 1,000 square feet. End solution should be a minimum of 1.5 to 3 gallons per 1,000 square feet.


How much per 200-gallon tank?

  • Combine 7.2 gallons Holganix Super concentrate and 192 gallons of water. Apply at a rate of at least 1.5 gallons per 1,000 square feet (spray coverage: 133,000 square feet).

  • Combine 5.4 gallons Holganix Super concentrate and 194 gallons of water. Apply at a minimum rate of 2 gallons per 1,000 square feet (spray coverage: 100,000 square feet).

  • Combine 3.6 gallons Holganix Super concentrate and 196 gallons of water. Apply at a minimum rate of 3 gallons per 1,000 square feet (spray coverage: 66,500 square feet).


Want to learn more? 

Explore our resources on Holganix lawn including a brochure, SDS, Mix Fill Chart, Label and Compatibility List! 

>>Download the SDS                                                  >>Explore our Compatibility List

>>Download the Label                                                 >>How can you grow your business with Holganix?

>>Download our Mix/Fill Chart                                     >>Explore Holganix's University Testing