5 Tools To Make 2020 A Successful Year in Lawn & Landscape

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Don’t wait until the spring lawn care season to think about your 2020 marketing and sales strategy. Take advantage of the preseason lull in sales to strategize and map out your plan for successful growth this upcoming year.

Utilize these five FREE marketing tools to ensure you are ready for 2020.


1. Develop an Annual Marketing and Sales Plan [VIDEO]

As Thomas Edison once said, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning!” If you haven’t already done so - crank out that 2020 marketing and sales plan. How do you get started? 

  1. Start with a revenue goal - How much do you want to grow by in 2020? Be realistic but don’t be afraid to think big! 
  2. What’s your cost per sale - If you don’t already know it, consider what your cost per sale is. This metric will allow you to understand what you need to invest in your sales and marketing budget in order to reach your growth goal.
  3. Build out a marketing calendar - Get down to the nitty-gritty and map out what pieces - direct mail, digital advertisement, blog, video, etc - need to be done in order to ensure you take advantage of the spring selling season. 

Watch our video below on building your lawn care marketing plan. If you are reading this blog via email or if you would like to access the tools mentioned in the video (i.e. the marketing plan template), click here: Building Your Lawn Care Marketing Plan [VIDEO] by Holganix


2. Creating Sales and Marketing Lists [VIDEO]

If you want to grow your lawn and landscape business you have to set growth goals and track those goals. Ultimately though, growth comes from creating the appropriate lead list. There are five sources you should consider to create your lists.

  1. Canceled Customers - If you listen to your canceled customers and generally look to solve their problems, you can close about 20% of your canceled customers.  
  2. Estimates - Even if a lead received an estimate from you and decided to go with another business, these leads are an excellent source for your sales and marketing campaigns. You never know why or when a lead might decide it is time to try a new lawn and landscape company.
  3. Current Customers - Find services that your customers need and upsell them. Doing such provides extra value for your customers and increases your margin on each customer.  
  4. Partnering Companies - For example, if you only do lawn fertilization, you can partner with a mow-only company and refer each other business.
  5. Referrals - And, of course, referrals from your customers are often the easiest sale you can make!

If you look at your lists, also consider that not all leads are equally valued. Some leads are worth more than others… not just because they have a larger property, but also because of their proximity to current customers.

As you think about maximizing the efficiency of your marketing - consider the Golden Street Strategy. The Golden Street Strategy asks the question, Which one-to-four neighborhoods do I want to “own”. Consider which neighborhoods or subdivisions that have over 100+ homes, have a higher value home, and are newer (usually 10 years or younger). Your goal is to reach a 20% saturation point that provides high customer density, increasing production efficiency and driving your profit per truck.

Watch our video below on creating sales and marketing lists or click here if you are reading this blog via email: 3 Ideas To Grow Your Lawn and Landscape Company.


3. Holganix Launch In A Box [FREE TOOLS]

If you are looking to plan campaigns to educate prospects and customers about Holganix and soil health, look no further than the Holganix Launch In A Box. This tool contains 12 “Stealable” tools for you to incorporate into your 2020 marketing campaigns.

What are some of the tools provided? Some of our favorite tools include three articles to use in your blog and/or email newsletter, postcard designs, social media posts, and website content. All materials are 100% stealable.

>>Download your Holganix Launch In A Box here


4. How to GROW Your Business with Tree and Shrub Services [EBOOK]

Consider growing your business by offering tree and shrub services to current customers. Did you know that you could expect 10-to-30% of your current customers to sign up for tree and shrub applications? Not to mention the fact that adding an additional revenue source to current customers means boosting profit margin. It's like newfound money! 

Your current customers are your low-hanging fruit. Think about it. Your customers already know and trust your brand; they also care deeply for their landscapes or they wouldn't be paying for lawn fertilization, to begin with.

Download this book to explore: 

  1. How to market your tree and shrub business to current customers
  2. How to price out tree and shrub applications
  3. What materials you will need to get started!

>>Download the ebook


5. Six Facebook Marketing Tips For Lawn & Landscape Companies [TIPS]

Why is social media so important for lawn care companies? Social media is a free tool your company can use to promote brand awareness, engage with customers through customer service, and can help generate new customer leads! 

From setting up your Facebook page to creating content - check out our blog article for six Facebook marketing tips for lawn and landscape companies. 

>>Access the tips


Bonus: Holganix Designed Marketing Tools

At Holganix, one of our core values is sustainable growth - the growth of plants, people, and companies. We are passionate about helping our customers grow their companies. That passion and our core values led us to create a lawn and landscape marketing support library to help you build your lawn and landscape business.

Access our Holganix Marketing Support Tools to get:

  1. Predesigned postcards 
  2. Predesigned brochures
  3. Copy for your blog and social media
  4. Door hangers
  5. And more! 

Lawn & Landscape Marketing Support

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