The Science Behind Holganix: Creating Amazing Fields and Turf

There’s nothing like going to see a good game of football. Seeing your local team take down a rival on a beautiful turf can be pretty exciting. But what if that turf wasn’t green? Would that affect your enjoyment of the game? Maybe not, but there are teams of people whose job is just that: to ensure that a field is looking its best.

Several colleges, high schools and even major and minor-league football, baseball, and other sports fields are opting to jump on the Holganix bionutritional bandwagon.


Why are they turning their attention to Holganix?

As we utilize more and more chemical fertilizers, the biology of our turf is being stripped away. The result is that we need more chemical fertilizers to get the same results. This is because, without the biology within our soils, the turf can’t receive key nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus.

Although most chemical fertilizers contain both nitrogen and phosphorus, they are sprayed in a form that is unusable to the plant. Specific microbes found in the soil work to transform the nitrogen and phosphorous from chemical fertilizers into nitrates and phosphates (the forms usable to the plant). It is only then that the plants can utilize the nutrients and grow.


What is Holganix?

Holganix is a 100% organic bionutritional turf product. Regardless of whether you’re organic conscious, Holganix has some pretty amazing ingredients that help you take better care of your turf.

The cool thing about Holganix is that it contains, for example, the key microbes that are in charge of making your nitrogen and phosphorus useable to the plant. These microbes are nitrogen- and phosphorous-fixing bacteria. Learn more about these key bacteria by reading these former blog entries: 1 and 2.


Does Holganix REALLY Work?

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the pictures below for examples of what Holganix has done for turf fields along the east coast.

minor league baseball field

This is a picture of a beautiful turf from a minor league baseball field in Delaware after only one season of using Holganix.

major league field

The above photos depict a comparison of Holganix on a major league baseball field. The picture on the right features results after only a 3-day test! 

highschool field

This is a comparison of a private high school field in Pennsylvania one month after Holganix treatment. They used a mixture of 12 oz of Holganix with ½ pound chemical fertilizer.

virginia tech field

These pictures demonstrate a comparison of Holganix use over a 2-month period of testing on Virginia Technical University’s football field. Picture one was taken on June 28, 2011 before Holganix was applied. Picture two was taken five weeks later on July 26, 2011. Picture three shows the results on September 3, 2011 after only two treatments of Holganix.

Posted by Nicole Wise on Feb 7, 2013 2:49:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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