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The Science Behind Holganix: Why Your Plants Need Phosphorus

The Science Behind Holganix

Entry 38: Why Your Plants Need Phosphorus


 When it comes to plants, phosphorus can be key to plant wellness. It is responsible for assisting with the growth of roots and flowers and also helps plants withstand environmental stress and harsh winters. In fact, phosphorus (along with nitrogen) is considered one of the most limiting resources (has the ability to limit plant growth based on lack of phosphorus) in soils. The lack of phosphorus can result in constraining plant growth.

Although there is a large quantity of phosphorus in the soil, much of it is in a form that isn’t accessible to the plants. The problem is that phosphorus binds very quickly (only days after the application) with Fe, Mn, Al, Mg and Calcium present in the soil.

Adding more phosphorus through the use of fertilizers may seem like an easy solution; however, that can pose a detrimental negative side effect on the environment. Extra phosphorus builds up in the soil and eventually runs off (along with nitrogen) into our waters, harming marine animals.

Thankfully, there are other solutions, ones that balance short- and long-term benefits. Fixed phosphorus can be released with some help from weathering or by microbial activity. When it comes to weathering, phosphorus moves through the soil by diffusion through water. Although weathering does the job of releasing phosphorus to the soil, microbial activity works best. Microorganisms, nematodes, protozoa and mycorrhizae all help make the phosphorus available to the plants. Ensuring that you have an ample quality of these microorganisms is key to capitalizing on the benefits of phosphorus. Holganix is one product that contains ample amounts of these tiny helpers, allowing phosphorus to do its job.

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