The Science Behind Holganix: Nitrogen and Your Lawn


Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for plants, especially when it comes to turf.

One of Nitrogen's key responsibilities is to promote a beautiful green turf color as well as helping the foliage grow strong. A lack of nitrogen in the soil is a huge factor that limits plant growth. 

Knowing that nitrogen is so vital to a plant’s growth and survival, lawn care companies, sports field managers, golf course superintendents and farmers religiously apply nitrogen-rich fertilizers to their plants. The increase of nitrogen translates into more plant growth.


Nitrogen is abundant!

Despite the fact that 80% of the Earth's atmosphere consists of nitrogen and the soil itself holds a large reserve, plants can't access the nutrient without hep. Nitrogen in its most common form (the form found in the atmosphere) is locked and unusable to plants. 

It's the job of nitrogen-fixing bacteria that convert the nitrogen from a nitrite (the locked form) to a nitrate (a plant useable form of nitrogen).


The Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria form a mutually beneficial relationship with the plant to unlock nitrogen in the Nitrogen Cycle. 

Nitrogen Fixation:

During the nitrogen fixation process, bacteria in the soil take in nitrogen gas from the air in the soil and convert the gas through a series of biochemical reactions into nitrates (the plant available form).

Bacteria conduct nitrogen fixation through a symbiotic relationship with legumes (plants like alfalfa, clover and soybeans). In this relationship, bacteria live in plant roots and form nodules where nitrogen fixing bacteria make nitrates directly available to the legume.


During nitrification, bacteria living in the soil take in proteins, peptides and amino acids when they eat living and dead organisms. These proteins, peptides and amino acids are rich in nitrogen and are eventually excreted in the form of nitrites and nitrates when the bacteria dies.

The nitrification process is a critical cycle in the soil.

To learn more about the nitrogen cycle, read out blog: Do you REALLY understand the nitrogen cycle.


Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Are in Holganix!

Having a large population of nitrogen-fixing bacteria can be extremely beneficial for your plants. By adding them to the soil, you can increase the plant’s green coloring, growth and all around health. 

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria is a core component of the Holganix recipe. To learn more about the ingredients in Holganix, download our ingredient list below. 

 What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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