"The rooting is phenomenal!" - Barrington Golf Club

Mark Figurella was born to the golf course industry. His father was a golf course superintendent before him and it was a natural transition to enter the industry himself. He has been a golf course superintendent for 21 years, spending the last 8 years at Barrington Golf Club in Aurora, Ohio.

Barrington Golf Club is best known for its Jack Nicklaus signature golf course. The championship 18-hole golf course winds its way through rolling hillsides, lakes and dense trees that make up the Barrington Estates.

Over the course of his career, Figurella has been testing and utilizing organic materials on the courses he managed. “I’ve been using organics since the 1980s,” says Figurella. So when he came across Holganix Golf, it seemed like the product would be “the perfect fit for Barrington.”

“We’ve had some really great results using Holganix Golf,” says Figurella.

In particular, Figurella has been pleased with rooting results and with the health of his seaside bent turf. When comparing the difference between areas that were sprayed with Holganix to those that weren’t, “the rooting is phenomenal [on the Holganix treated turf]. It was denser. There were white roots and the thicker plugs held together easily.” 

However, Figurella reports that one of the biggest issues that Holganix Golf helped amend was in maintaining healthy grass on the fairways. The fairways at Barrington Golf Club were originally seeded with seaside bent grass in the early 1990s. In the past, the turf has given him a lot of trouble.

“We are one of the only courses left with seaside bent grass on fairways,” Figurella claims. With Holganix Golf, “the seaside has done really well,” says Figurella. “In fact, Jack Nicklaus was here this summer. He was very complimentary of the seaside and how good it looked.”

Watch the above video for Figurella’s full report on his experiences with Holganix at Barrington Golf Club. 

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Posted by Nicole Wise on May 6, 2014 11:03:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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