Holganix Bio 800 Agriculture Provides a 3-5x ROI

holganix agriculture roi

“With any entrepreneurial farmer, trying a new product comes down to return on investment,” explains Holganix CEO & Founder, Barrett Ersek. “And, securing a return on investment for our farmers is a priority at Holganix.”

Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture harnesses the power of soil microbes to provide an increase in yield, plant resilience, and soil health on row crops. “For growers planting corn and soy, the increase in yield combined with the economical cost of our product often provides a 3-4x ROI,” explains Barrett. Over the past several years, Holganix has conducted trials with both a university and commercial growers on several crops including corn and soy, among others.

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How Does Holganix Agriculture Work?

Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture contains over 800 species of beneficial soil microbes that promote growth in crop foliage and roots, convert and release nutrients in the soil and promote the crops’ tolerance to stress like weather and disease. Holganix Agriculture contains the most complete and diverse blend of beneficial soil microbes available on the market.

Want to Dig Deeper?

If you are looking to dig deeper into the results behind Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture on row crops, be sure to check out this blog. Or, feel free to reach out to Holganix directly by emailing David Stark P.h.D., the President of Agriculture, at dstark@holganix.com.

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