New Data: Increased Yield and Improved Brix Index

Berries Brix Index Data

"Research shows that commercial growers using Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub on berries see improved yield and brix compared to a control,” explains David Stark Ph.D., President of Agriculture at Holganix LLC.

Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub is an organic microbial soil inoculant that harnesses the power of over 800 species of soil microbes to improve soil health, reduce the need for fertilizer, and promote crop yield. At Holganix, we know that charging soil with diverse microbes will help our farmers improve the health of their soil, investing in the legacy of their farm for future generations. 

While Holganix has been studying the benefit of using Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub on berries for several years, in this blog we explore some of our most recent findings from the past two years, while also highlighting some of our favorite studies from years prior.  

  1. Third-party research using Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub on berries 
  2. How do you use Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub on berries?

Third-party research using Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub on berries

Below we look at yield and brix improvements in multiple berries, including blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and grapes. As a note, a higher Brix and Brix/Acid ratio indicates a sweeter taste and there is some evidence that high Brix may suppress insects.  

First, let’s look at Michigan blueberries. 

berries brix data

Third-party research in Michigan demonstrated a significant size increase (up 30%) and higher Brix (up to 27%) in blueberries.  

The data was collected from 2 separate farms, with 5 reps per location. Each sample was 250 grams per rep. Please note that the average weight per berry is a significant yield indicator. 

Now, let’s look at blackberries in North Carolina. 

North Carolina BerriesIn North Carolina, research showed an average 21% increase in berry weight (a significant yield indicator) and an average 11% increase in Brix in blackberries.  The researcher also noticed healthier plants with fewer diseases. 

Next is data from a vineyard in Massachusetts. 

Brix chart

grapes yield data

Data from Massachusetts on grapes demonstrates that average yields more than doubled when using Holganix Bio 800+ Tree & Shrub. It also demonstrated a 26% increase in Brix over two years and the researcher noted that they saw a natural reduction in powdery mildew (Holganix Bio 800+ products are not EPA control products and are not advertised as a fungicide). 

While not strictly berries, the following data shows Holganix Bio 800+ increases Brix across a wide range of crops. Note that Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture was used in these studies. 

produce data

The research generated on multiple crops across multiple farms located in the Northeast demonstrates an improvement in Brix over the control. On raspberries and strawberries, data demonstrated a 75% and 57% increase.  

Last is data on strawberries from California, and this study also used Bio 800+ Agriculture. 

strawberries data

In Ventura County, California, a researcher used Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture on a commercial field. He achieved a $3,000 per acre higher yield in the strawberries and was able to harvest earlier than strawberries in the check plots. 


How do you use Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture on berries?

Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture should be applied at 1.5 gallons per acre at planting, in a minimum of 30 gallons of water. Additional applications should be made at 1 gallon per acre every 4-6 weeks. The product may be applied in transplant water, drip irrigation, or foliar spray, but soil saturation is critical.

Please do not tank mix fungicides with Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture, although fungicides may be applied separately and may be present on the seed coating.  

Holganix Bio 800+ products can be stored at ambient temperatures, out of direct sunlight, for up to four weeks without product degradation, and often longer depending on container size. The product should be refrigerated for long-term storage. 


Looking for additional data or looking for testimonials from commercial growers?  

Download our updated Product Performance Book for a library of pictures and data from both third-party researchers and commercial growers.  

Download: Our Product Performance Book Here

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