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Do you have SOIL or DIRT?

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Why should your farm use Holganix products? It all comes down to soil health and investing in the legacy of your family's farm!

Holganix Bio 800+ products harness the power of over 800 species of soil microbes to build soil health, increase yield, reduce the need for fertilizer, and increase the breakdown of crop residue. 

At Holganix, we believe that by charging soils with diverse soil microbes we help our farmers improve the health of their soils, investing in the legacy of their farms for future generations. 

Plus, farmers using Holganix Bio 800+ products see a return on their investment in just one season! 

  • Develop Soil Health
  • Reduce Fertilizer by 10-30%
  • Breakdown Crop Debris
  • Increase Yield
  • Boost Roots; Contributing to Soil Organic Matter


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Product Performance eBook

Does Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture and Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown really work? Don't ask us, as our growers! Download the Product Performance Book for a look at our curated pictures and data from commercial growers.




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Bio 800+ Ingredients List

Holganix Bio 800+ products are filled to the brim with beneficial soil microbes to build HEALTHIER plants that need less fertilizer. Download our Key Ingredients List to get the scoop on our key ingredients.





Third-Party Research Data

Need some additional information? Let's get granular! Access Holganix's data page for a look at Holganix's third-party research and university data on Holganix Bio 800+ Agriculture and Holganix Bio 800+ Breakdown.



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