Looking to stimulate greener, healthier turf? Holganix PreBiotic 30-0-0 is a stabilized nitrogen liquid fertilizer containing microbe food to promote a thick turf system and pop of color. The product is also both an economical source of nitrogen with low salt content, making the product compatible with plant probiotic products.

Why use Holganix 30-0-0


How do you apply Holganix PreBiotic 30-0-0?

When you combine the stabilized nitrogen and food sources of Holganix PreBiotic 30-0-0 with the phosphorus, potassium in Holganix PreBiotic 2-10-20 and the soil microbes contained in Holganix Bio 800+, you get an innovative medley filled with plant benefits. 

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Want to Learn More?

Explore our resources on Holganix PreBiotic 30-0-0 including a brochure, SDS, Mix Fill Chart and Label! 

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