Holganix Bio 800 Lawn: The Unapologetic Sales Pitch

Why Should Your Lawn & Landscape Company Use Holganix?

Are you looking into incorporating Holganix Bio 800+ Lawn into your lawn care fertilizer program? With Holganix Bio 800+ Lawn you can reduce your fertilizers and other inputs while providing the lush, green turf your customers expect!

This webinar is a short, and unapologetic sales pitch on our Holganix Bio 800+ Lawn product.


In this workshop we discuss:

  • What results can you expect?
  • How do you use the product?
  • Case studies from professionals like you
  • Open Q&A session


Meet Your Host:

Rob McCoy

National Sales Manager, Holganix LLC

A green industry veteran, Rob McCoy has built a lawn care company, and has run the sales departments at two successful lawn care companies. He has 20+ years of experience in the green industry and consults with golf courses, sports fields and lawn care companies.

Keep On Learning!


Holganix Turf & Ornamental Product Catalog

Our product catalog contains, information and testimonials on all of our products geared towards our turf and ornamental business including: lawn and landscape, golf course, sports turf, greenhouse, and more. 

Download our catalog for a peak at all of our turf and ornamental products.



marketing box

Holganix Launch Marketing Box

New to the Holganix community? Or, looking to add Holganix to your marketing strategy? Great! This digital marketing box is filled with tools to help you communicate why using Holganix makes your business special.

The box includes: Social media tools, a letter to your customers, post cards designs, and more.


soil smart program

Holganix Soil Smart Lawn Fertilizer Program

Our Soil Smart Programs are designed with your region in mind and are always reviewed by one of our PhD scientists before publishing. They are turnkey and create predictable results that are sustainable, creating plants/turf that are not only healthier, but produce results that last longer than results from traditional fertilizer programs. 


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