Building Your Lawn Fertilizer Program

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Most of the time, agronomic programs fluctuate throughout the year based on weather.

For example, too much rain causes problems with disease, and too little could spell for a nasty summer. Regardless of Mother Nature’s whims, it’s important to strategize what your ideal agronomic program looks like to ensure a successful year.

Watch our workshop to strategize about how to improve your fertilizer program to maximize agronomic performance without breaking the bank. 

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Holganix Tree & Shrub Marketing Box

Are you looking to add tree and shrub services to your portfolio of offerings? Great! On average, you can expect 10-to-30% of your current customers to sign up for a tree and shrub program. Download this digital box of tools for help on pricing and marketing your new service.




Holganix Launch Marketing Box

New to the Holganix community? Or, looking to add Holganix to your marketing strategy? Great! This digital marketing box is filled with tools to help you communicate why using Holganix makes your business special.

The box includes: Social media tools, a letter to your customers, post cards designs, and more.



soil science ebook

Digging Into Soil Science EBook

Within the natural world, there exists a complex balance among living organisms known as the soil food web. In this eBook you explore how the soil food web supports healthy plants, the power of soil microbes, and soil type classifications. This ebook was written by Dr. Neidermyer, the Director of Soil Science at Holganix.



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