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Let's Talk Trees: Interview with Arborist, Chris Uhland

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Are you a grower, horticulturist, or landscaper working with trees? Whether you are growing trees at a nursery or installing and caring for trees at a commercial or residential property, this webinar is for you! 

In this webinar, we interview arborist and COO of Harmony Hill Nursery, Chris Uhland on his best practices for plant health care and plant installations. Here’s a list of topics you can expect Chris to review:

  1. Best practices for plant installations 
  2. Recommendations for landscapers and horticulturists caring for trees and ornamentals
  3. From planting to harvest, protocols for tree nurseries
  4. Results you can expect from Bio 800+ 
  5. Open Q&A with the audience

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Holganix Turf & Ornamental Product Catalog

Our product catalog contains, information and testimonials on all of our products geared towards our turf and ornamental business including: lawn and landscape, golf course, sports turf, greenhouse, and more. 

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How To Add A Tree & Shrub Services Ebook

Did you know that 10-to-30% of your current customer would sign up for a tree and shrub service? Adding a tree and shrub service is like new found money! Download our eBook to learn how to market the service, how to price the applications, and a list of materials to help you get started.




Holganix Bio 800+ Ingredients List

Holganix Bio 800+ is filled to the brim with beneficial soil microorganisms, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to build HEALTHIER plants that need less fertilizer and pesticides.

Download our Key Ingredients List to get the scoop on our key ingredients.



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