Winter Wheat Results With Holganix Bio 800 Agriculture

Ready to increase crop yield and improve soil health?


At Holganix, we believe in preserving and nourishing the soil so it can be passed down to future generations of farmers. In this webinar, we look at using Holganix Bio 800+ on winter wheat. In specific, we'll review our winter wheat data and how to use the product on winter wheat.


In this workshop we discuss:

  • Results you can expect
  • How Holganix Bio 800+ works
  • How to use Holganix Bio 800+
  • 15 minute Q&A session 


Meet Your Hosts

Barrett Ersek

Barrett Ersek

CEO & Founder, Holganix LLC

Barrett Ersek is the CEO and Founder of Holganix LLC. Prior to founding Holganix, Barrett built and sold two successful green industry businesses. He has also educated on business innovation across the globe, and has published his philosophy in a Harvard Business Review publication entitled Break Your Industry's Bottlenecks. Barrett has 3 patents in the green industry.

David Stark

David Stark, PhD

President of Agriculture, Holganix LLC

A Ph.D. Molecular Biologist and Biochemist, Dr. Stark's past career includes positions in Monsanto's leadership team. He became the President of Holganix Agriculture in 2015 to lead the company's efforts in the agriculture-space including commercial development, R&D and overseeing various studies. Dr. Stark has 26 peer-reviewed scientific articles and holds nine patents. 

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