Helpful Tips for Getting your Lawn Care Applicator's License

lawn care applicator's license

Thinking of starting a lawn care company or expanding your lawn care company across state lines?

Lawn care applicator's licenses are required by The United States government and the rules and restrictions can vary from state to state.

Sounds like a head ache huh? To make things a little easier, we compiled a list of resources for the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia area. Keep in mind that most state licensing is through the department of agriculture and testing is required. 

If you are using Holganix liquid compost tea products, remember that certification is not needed because Holganix is a 0-0-0. If using Holganix in conjunction with fertilizers and pesticides, certification to apply fertilizers and pesticides is needed. When using Holganix with fertilizers and pesticides, you can reduce your inputs by up to 75%. Check out our lawn product for additional information.



  • PA Department of Agriculture 717-772-5213
  • Study materials are sold by the Publications Distribution Center at Penn State University 1-877-345-0691. More information on certification, business license requirements and study materials is available online at www.pested.psu.edu and direct links. 


New Jersey








Other Things to keep in mind

  • In most states, the main owner and employee(s) must be licensed
  • In some states, employee(s) can be "registered" under another employee who is licensed 



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