Behind the Science of Holganix: Compost Tea vs. Holganix Bio 800+


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What’s the secret to the perfect lawn? Hands down, the number one secret you can take advantage of healthy soil, which begins with beneficial microorganisms. They are super tiny, microscopic workers that naturally replenish the lawn, encourage green coloring and suppress insects, weeds and disease. Utilizing any lawn care product (think compost teas) that contains microorganisms can be key to achieving the green grass dream.

And do you know what the best part is? They can save you money! Buying compost teas can help drive down your fertilizer costs, improve the quality of your lawns and hop on the organic bandwagon.


What are compost teas?

Compost teas are liquid mixtures of natural organic decayed matter. They are filled to the brim with microorganisms. You can use them in conjunction with synthetic fertilizers, ultimately reducing the quantity of chemical product needed.

However, the big disadvantage with utilizing compost teas is that they are often inconsistent, where each run of liquid is different from the last, and producing them can be complicated and time consuming. In fact, with most compost teas the producer needs to utilize the tea within a certain time frame- usually 24-48 hours.


How does Holganix Bio 800+ differ?

That’s where Holganix Bio 800+ comes into the picture. Holganix Bio 800+ is a 100% organic plant probiotic containing a compost tea base. Each batch of Holganix Bio 800is teeming with over 800 species of beneficial microorganisms.

Unlike compost teas, Holganix Bio 800+ is consistent with each batch produced due to the patented manufacturing processes and because each batch of Holganix Bio 800+ is DNA fingerprinted. It also has a long shelf life provided that you keep the product between 33-45 degrees Fahrenheit. 


What's in the Holganix Bio 800+ jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

Posted by Nicole Wise on Jul 17, 2012 12:13:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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