The Science Behind Holganix: Soil Microorganisms are Hidden Helpers


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One of the most important things about the soil food web is that it stays in balance. When one component of the soil food web is out of tune, the entire structure suffers.

Microorganisms play such a key role in maintaining this delicate balance that no life could exist without them!

Microorganisms are animals of a microscopic size - so small that it would take about 30 trillion to equal one ounce. They are our hidden helpers, and they live everywhere. In fact, there are about one million types of microbes on the earth!

Their job, along with other organisms, is to break down organic matter and recycle elements like hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, which are essential to all plants and animals.

Essentially, their job allows Mother Nature to continue its endless cycle of life and renewal or what’s known as “sustainable soils.”

When you constantly apply chemicals, you risk killing off these precious soil microorganisms.

The soil contains both beneficial and pathogenic microbes.

There may be hundreds or even thousands of different types found within your soil, or your soil may be void of microbial activity. It all depends on the environment within your soil. For a soil to be at its full potential to promote plant growth, we need to have the beneficial microbes working full time, all the time.

Because they are so important in the soil food web, they are equally responsible for the health of your soil, lawn and plants.

One of the great ways to help strengthen your customer’s soil food web and get better results is by applying a compost tea or an evolved version like Holganix Bio 800+. Holganix Bio 800+contains over 800 species of beneficial microorganisms that naturally boosts plant health while reducing the need for chemicals by up to 75%. 


Posted by Nicole Wise on Feb 28, 2012 2:15:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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