Science of Holganix: Chemical Fertilizer Prices Are Through the Roof


What in the world is going on with chemical fertilizer prices today? If you were in business in 2008, you remember just how much pain fertilizer prices caused our industry.

Today, chemical fertilizer is still high and may be on the rise again. Many companies have been forced to contemplate rising the price of their services in order to avoid taking a cut in profits.

However, with the economy in the slumps, raising prices can be down right dangerous. We’ve seen signs of economic revival and hopefully your sales are reaching expectations, but raising prices can potentially lose you customers - your present and potential clients.  


Creative answers to fertilizer pricing

The time has come for those of us in lawn care to start thinking of creative answers to solve our problems.

In 2008, our CEO's former lawn care company stockpiled $500,000 worth of chemical fertilizer in a warehouse. We saw that prices were only going to rise and hoped that the fertilizer would get us through the peak.

Unfortunately, the warehouse stockpiling the chemical fertilizer caught fire and burnt to the ground. Worse of all, our company was insured for less than half of the supply. Gone was $500,000 worth of chemical fertilizer and gone was our warehouse.

To our lawn care company in 2008, this was a tipping point. We were forced to either search for creative answers or to buy more fertilizer at higher prices. We chose to do the former and that spring we discovered Holganix. We were shocked by the great results and even better… the overall lower cost.

A year later, we sold that lawn care company and teamed up with the inventor of Holganix to spread the word.


Thriving through high prices of fertilizer

It is possible to survive and even thrive through the high prices of fertilizer.

Holganix allows you to use up to 75% less chemical fertilizer while also reducing the amount of pesticides needed by up to 50%. It’s effective… and saves you money. There is an answer to rising chemical fertilizer costs and that answer could be Holganix.

Grow your lawn care company

Posted by Nicole Wise on May 3, 2012 9:03:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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