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Holganix Blue Sky - More than just a slow-release fertilizer

Prebiotic and probiotic go together like peanut butter and jelly

Holganix Bio 800+ products (the refrigerated products) and Holganix PB1 products (2-0-0 and 4-0-2) function as plant probiotics, replenishing living beneficial microbes and microbe food sources to fortify the soil food web and balance the soil ecosystem.

In fact, a jug of Holganix Bio 800+ is like a microbiome in a bottle, filled with an abundant and diverse set of over 800 species of living beneficial microorganisms. Holganix PB1 products contain highly targeted microbial populations.

Like peanut butter goes with jelly and salt pairs with pepper, probiotics can be paired with prebiotics to boost results.

Holganix Blue Sky 21-0-0 is our slow-release nitrogen fertilizer infused with microbe food and nutrient enhancers. As a powerful prebiotic, it acts as the perfect companion product to Holganix probiotic products like Holganix Bio 800+ and PB1.


What are the benefits of combining Holganix Blue Sky with Holganix Bio 800+ and/or PB1 products?

1. Provides a quick green up with less surge growth

2. Extends length of results

3. Balances the soil ecosystem with living microbes and microbe food

4. Reduces burn potential during hot weather

5. Enahnces nitrogen uptake by the plant with nutrient enhancers

Check out the video below featuring an interview between Holganix representative Rob McCoy and Ryan Mafon of Tomlison Bomberger on their Holganix Lawn (a Bio 800+ product) and Holganix Blue Sky experience.


Digging deeper into Blue Sky’s ingredients

Like other Holganix products, Holganix Blue Sky 21-0-0 works with the soil food web to contribute to plant health. The recipe combines 60% slow-release nitrogen (methylated urea and traizone), 40% quick-release nitrogen, microbe food and nutrient enhancers.

The nutrient enhancers allow for more efficient use of the nitrogen while the microbe food activates the soil biology. This balanced approach: quick-release nitrogen, slow-release nitrogen and additional food sources, optimizes the soil food web by making food more available to the plant.


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