Looking For Thick, Green Turf? Apply HGX PRO Blue Sky 21-0-0 [VIDEO]


Looking for thick, green turf without the harsh burn potential associated with traditional nitrogen fertilizers? This summer, incorporate HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0 into your fertilizer program to get a pop of green color and long-lasting results.

HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0 is a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer charged with microbe food and nutrient enhancers to not just provide green turf, but also to increase nutrient uptake and improve soil productivity.

Watch the 2.5-minute video below featuring a conversation with Holganix CEO & Founder Barrett Ersek on why he recommends using HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0. Or, skip the video, and dig into the details in the article below. Reading this blog via email? Click here to watch the video. 


How does HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0 Work?

The HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0 recipe combines 60% slow-release nitrogen (methylated urea and triazone), 40% quick-release nitrogen, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers.

The nutrient enhancers allow for more efficient use of nitrogen while the microbe food activates the soil biology. This balanced approach: quick-release nitrogen, slow-release nitrogen, and additional food sources optimizes the soil by making food more available to the plant.



HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0 and Bio 800+ Products Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

HGX Pro Bio 800+ products function as plant probiotics, replenishing living soil microbes and microbe food sources to build healthy soils and healthy plants. Because the HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0 contains microbe food, it is uniquely designed to partner with HGX Pro Bio 800products.

What are the benefits?

1. Provides a quick green-up with less surge growth

2. Extends the length of results

3. Reduces burn potential during hot weather

4. Enhances nitrogen uptake by the plant with nutrient enhancers

5. Balances the soil ecosystem with living soil microbes and microbe food

Check out the video below featuring an interview between Holganix Sales Manager, Rob McCoy and Ryan Mafon of Tomlison Bomberger on their HGX Pro Bio 800+ Turf and HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0 experience. Reading this blog via email? Click here to watch the video.


How Do You Use HGX Pro Blue Sky 12-0-0 In A Turf Fertilizer Program? 

Our Soil Smart Programs are designed with your region in mind and are always reviewed by one of our Ph.D. scientists before publishing. They are turnkey and create predictable results that are sustainable, creating turf that is not only healthier but produces results that last longer than results from traditional fertilizer programs.

One of the key products we recommend in the Soil Smart Programs is HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0. Download your region's Soil Smart Program by clicking the button below. 

Soil Smart Fertilizer Program


Want to Learn More about HGX Pro blue Sky 21-0-0?

Explore our resources on HGX Pro Blue Sky 21-0-0 including a brochure, SDS, and label.

>>Download the SDS                                                  

>>Download the Label                                                

>>Download our Product Brochure        

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