Top 3 Benefits of Using HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-20 In Landscapes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Soil Amendment

Looking to increase seed germination results? Or, looking to increase the root growth of turfgrass, trees, shrubs, or ornamentals? Then HGX PRO Prebiotic 2-10-20 is the product for you!

HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-20 contains a rare combination of high-quality phosphorus and potassium ingredients, layered with a long chain poly-amino-acid and molasses.

The combination of ingredients is designed to increase root growth and seed germination directly through the use of nutrients, and indirectly by increasing nutrient uptake and by supporting the soil microbes in the soil.  

Check out our infographic below on the top 3 benefits of using HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-20, or skip the infographic and read the written article instead. 

Seed starter fertilizer


"I would Recommend HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-20"

“HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-20 helps us boost seed germination during aeration and overseeding applications,” says Justin Johonnett of Vivid Lawn.

“We also use HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-20 in our fertilizer program as a complement to HGX PRO Blue Sky 21-0-0 and HGX PRO Bio 800+ Turf. The combination allows us to provide a well-balanced fertility program with all the added benefits from the biology in HGX PRO Bio 800+ Turf,” explains Justin. “I would recommend HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-02 to other lawn and landscape companies.”


Want to learn more about HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-20?

Download our Holganix Soil Smart Program to learn how to use HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-20 in a turf fertilization program for your region. Or skip the Soil Smart Program and click the links below to access our technical information.

>>Download Your Holganix Soil Smart Program

>>Download The PreBiotic 2-10-20 Label

>>Review The HGX PRO PreBiotic 2-10-20 Product Page

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