Meet our latest product! Holganix 2-10-20… Growing Shoot and Roots!


Looking to BOOST the health and recovery of your turf and plants? Holganix 2-10-20 is a liquid additive for your fertility program to stimulate growth of SHOOTS and ROOTS. Because Holganix 2-10-20 contains biological food sources and plant useable nutrients, when combined with any Holganix refrigerated liquid product, results are enhanced.

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Why use Holganix 2-10-20 with Holganix refrigerated liquid products?

  1. Stimulate new tissue development and new shoots from base of plant

  2. Promote healthy root growth

  3. Improve water efficiency of plant

  4. Foster a balanced soil ecosystem with living biology from Holganix refrigerated and biological food sources from Holganix 2-10-20


Winter is coming…

In addition to the key benefits listed above, using Holganix 2-10-20 and Holganix refrigerated liquid products during fall applications will increase plant hardiness to better survive winter injury and bounce back from winter stress.

Learn more about the effects of using 2-10-20 and Holganix refrigerated liquid products during winter preparation here.

Webinar: Are Your Turf and Plants  REALLY Ready for Winter? 

Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Oct 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Kaitlyn Ersek

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