Sprayer Systems and Machines

There are several different sprayer systems and machines that are compatible with the Holganix product. Below, are just three options we recommend. All of these sprayer systems and machines are designed to make your life easier while spraying down Holganix.



    LT Rich

    The Z-Max sprayer by LT Rich is large enough for                 commercial properties but also nimble enough for                residential. It can carry a total of 50 gallons, separated       into two 25 gallon tanks and can cover up to 200,000       square feet! Another great option available through LT        Rich is their converter kit that transforms your LT Rich          granular spreader to a liquid sprayer. For more                     information and other LT Rich options please visit there       site here.



Holganix, compost tea, organic fertilizer

    Gregson-Clark ECO-505 Injection          System

    The Gregson-Clark Injection System is a two-tank               system with a modular frame. It allows for an IPM              approach, blanket applying Holganix, while spot-               spraying greatly reduced amounts of pesticide on               demand. 





Perma green triumph sprayer     Perma Green

     The PermaGreen philosophy is, "One machine that you'll use every      day on almost every lawn." Their Triumph Spreader Sprayer                contains high gear production speed of 3,000 square feet per             minute, great maneuverability and low gear production speed of           over 2,000 square feet per minute.