Holganix Mix Fill Chart for Holganix Lawn and Tree & Shrub Product

Need some help mixing your Holganix lawn or tree and shrub product? No worries, we've got your back.

Fill out the form to the left to download an easy to use, mix fill chart for Holganix lawn. Including what rates you should apply Holganix, fertilizer, pre and post emergent herbicides, fungicides and grub control.


Who needs this chart?

This chart is intended for lawn and landscape companies using Holganix Lawn. It is also useful for Holganix distributor partners when creating a program for their customers applying Holganix. 


What does this chart include?

  • This chart includes recommended rates for a basic lawn care program

  • Fertilizer rates

  • Pre and post emergent herbicide rates

  • Fungicides rates

  • Grub control rates