People Are Talking About Holganix … and it’s all good!









“I have never seen my ornamentals and turf look so vibrant and healthy in my eighteen years in the turf and ornamental management industry. The Holganix fertilizer is among the best I have ever used. I really liked the extended color in my turf and annuals. I was equally impressed for the need for very little watering due to Holganix's ability to manage water in drought conditions. While my neighbors annual flower beds wilted or their turf went dormant from using synthetic fertilizers during drought conditions, my flowers and turf were affected very little. This is an excellent product that I will continue to use.”
David Greenleaf - Greenleaf Turf Solutions

"We used Holganix on a Centipede lawn infested with large patch disease and noticed a quicker response to the areas treated with Holganix over Armada which I find most amazing."
Larry Dorsey -  Dorsey Services Inc.

“Holganix is amazing! It works great. It’s economical. And best yet, it’s ‘green’.”
Bill Landis - Earth First Organic Lawn Care

“I’m greatly reducing chemical usage and my customers are extremely excited about the environmental aspect of the product.”
Jim Buck - Terra Scapes    

“I was expanding a planting bed last week and dug out some sod with roots over 10 inches long.  In Easton Club East, this is considered a miracle.  Thanks!"
Sherald Reagle - Homeowner serviced with Holganix

“I am amazed that I can get 100% effective weed control while using 75% less pesticides.  I love that I am saving money and helping the environment.  Holganix gives me the ability to stand apart from my competition and get more customers.”
John Caramanico, Sr. - Caramanico Organic Lawn Care

“We see this [Holganix] as a game changer.”

Mark Sybots - Advanced Turf Solutions

This is new, fresh, and something totally off the wall.”

Paul Carey - Northeast Nursery 

Our business has increased. Customers like the idea and philosophy behind Holganix being a biostimulant.”

Sam Whitehouse - Whitehouse Landscaping 

Properties right next to ours… in all honesty, we made look pretty bad thanks to Holganix.”

Jeff Hagan and Brian Wilcom - Environmental Management 

“For the first time in many years, we are seeing double-digit growth!”

Tom Winkler - Go Organic

“Everything points to Holganix being the future and direction I want to go with Grassmasters.” 

Gerry White - GrassMaster Plus

"Our turf color is great! We are also seeing less clipping yield with no growth regulator."

Otter Creek Golf Course

“As background, the Arnson’s used an entire season of Holganix in 2011.  Our longtime maintenance company is very familiar with liquid organic products.  They brew their own ‘T’ and were quite impressed with the ingredient list.  We all have been watching the results on our property closely.

Chicago has enjoyed 7 days of record heat, mostly in the 80’s.  Also had a couple days of rain.  Everything is in bloom, including the weeds.  Typically, we can gather a bushel of weeds, as my neighbor does nothing to her lawn.  This year: 16 weeds, period.  For over an acre of lawn, this is very good. 

Thick green grass, weed free.  That’s the Holganix promise; that’s what we have.  Even the foreman agrees."

Eric Arnson - ORIGINATE Ventures