Holganix can be effectively stored at room temperature for up to 36 hours. For extended storage, refrigeration is necessary to maintain the vivaciousness of the product. Maintaining the temperature between 33-44 degrees Fahrenheit keeps the active, living microorganisms in a dormant state and thereby giving Holganix an indefinite shelf life.

That's why Holganix created the RAD (Refrigerated Automated Dispensing Unit). It's an innovative tool that fills trucks without a water tank while clearing space in your warehouse. Furthermore, if you add a white inductor tank, you can add any needed supplemental products. It simplifies and greatly reduces the time needed to fill trucks, saving you both TIME and MONEY.

Holganix offers several RADs ranging in size to meet your needs. Once you decide how much product you will be applying, work with your sales representative to decide which RAD fits your capabilities. RADs are provided to Holganix users on loan, for free.


How Does the RAD Work? 


RAD Options and Available Sizes

The RAD 600:

RAD 600


  • Treatment Area: 11,620,000 Square Feet

  • Dimensions: 8’6” x 4’6” x 9’7”

  • Electrical Needs: 110v 20AMP

  • Running Costs: Annual $97

  • Water Needs: 1 ½ Water Line Minimum, 40 PSI

  • To download the RAD Specs click here.

*Holds the same amount of product as the 140jug fridge but allows for speedy truck fill-up. Great for lawn care companies with more than four trucks.


The RAD 330:

Holganix RAD


  • Treatment Area: 6,054,840 Square Feet

  • Dimensions: 4' 7.7" x 3' 11.5" x 6' 5.5"

  • Electrical Needs: 2-11ov 20AMP

  • To download the RAD specs click here.



The Rad 200:

RAD 200

  • Treatment Area: 3,136,320 Square Feet

  • Dimensions (Without Flash Fill): 6'2" x 2'6" x 3'3"  

  • Dimensions (With Flash Fill): 13'2" x 4' x 4'

  • Running Costs: Annual $97

  • Electrical Needs: 110v 20AMP

  • Water Needs: 1 1/2 Water Line Minimum, 40 PSI
  • To download the RAD Specs click here.

*Holds a little more than a 30jug fridge but allows for speedy truck fill-up.



Flash Fill System:

The flash fill system allows clients to automatically tank mix the appropriate inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) with Holganix. Customers that do not qualify for a free flash fill system may purchase one. Keep in mind that the RAD 600 comes standard with the flash fill system.

Flash Fill System 

For inductor bowl set up instructions, click here. 

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