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The Science Behind Holganix: Healthy soil, healthy world

If you pick up a handful of soil, you will be holding more microorganisms in your hand than the entire number of people who ever lived on earth. There will also be more biological diversity than in an entire African Savannah. Soil is full of life! Watch this TEDx video and see what soil looks like from the perspective of a microorganism. 


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Conducting Tree and Shrub Estimates: When and How?

Aren’t sure how to conduct a tree and shrub estimate for current clients? Don’t worry-we’ve got your back! Here are three options to help you provide tree and shrub estimates/pricing. Once you’ve selected the best estimating system for your business, be sure to differentiate your quote from the competition by noting that your company utilizes Holganix, a 100% organic, probiotic solution to plant care.

1. The first estimating system utilizes a simple block pricing method. In other words, if a customer is paying between $200 and $300 per year for lawn applications, they would be charged $x for their tree and shrub applications, etc. 

2. The second option is to provide quotes for customers based on two metrics: a truck stop/visit and a time fee (labor and material used). Each time your truck stops at a house, it costs you about $45 to $60 depending on your region.

3. The third option is to base pricing off of a point system that coincides with the size of your customer’s trees and shrubs. Just have your technicians tally up the points to decide what price point to offer. Each price point equals a set dollar value you decide based on current costs. They can conduct estimates while doing lawn applications or on a rainy day when applications aren’t possible. Use the below chart as a pricing guide. You can download the chart here.Screen_Shot_2015-05-18_at_5.08.42_PM

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Marketing Hints and Tips: Create "INSANE" customer service

Okay, it’s dandelion season and the phones are literally off the hook. Mrs. Jones wants a service call stat for the single dandelion on her lawn that just wouldn’t take to herbicides. It’s behind the back porch, under the stair, where no one can see it. But she’s still insisting upon a service call. Welcome to spring weed season. It’s hard not to grumble at Mrs. Jones and her lot. After all, between doing lawn applications and service calls and marketing and trying to grow your business, you’ve got a lot on your plate. However, next time Mrs. Jones gives your company a call, pause before you grumble. Pause before you issue the same response you always give: “we’ll get out to do a service call when we have time.” Pause before you disillusion your customers.


Customer service may seem like a bunch of soft nonsense – but it’s probably one of the few ways your customer interacts with your company. It can also be a huge competitive advantage. Instead of grumbling at Mrs. Jones, ask “how can I turn Mrs. Jones into a fan or evangelist of my brand?”

Zappos turned its awesome customer service into a competitive advantage. “They went from being commonplace to a customer delight company that happens to sell shoes” (Seth Godin). In fact, “Zappos has been called “insane” and “fanatical” for the way it will do anything to please its customers” (Business Insider). Don’t believe me? Check out these stories form Business Insider on Zappos and their crazy customer service.

You many not be Zappos, but we can all take a lesson on the power of customer service. So, tomorrow when Mrs. Jones calls, ask yourself “How can I delight Mrs. Jones?” You might be surprised by what happens when you give it a try. In today’s social media driven world, comments are kind! And people do like to provide positive reviews. Give your cusomters a reason to really like you!

Read more about Zappos' awesome customer service:

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Why is carbon important?

There are many important pieces of the soil food web puzzle, but often the effect carbon plays is overlooked. In fact, maintaining a balanced C:N ratio of 20:1 in the soil directly supports a healthy soil food web and ultimately healthy plants. That’s because carbon is the energy/food sources for the beneficial microorganisms within the soil. Carbon-630302-edited

When you take a carbon heavy product like Healthy Grow and infuse it with a biology intensive product like Holganix, you’re addressing both sides of the equation. Healthy Grow provides the carbon that sustains the microorganisms living in Holganix, allowing them to help to build balanced soils and promote healthy plants.  What are the benefits to Healthy Grow infused with Holganix?

  1.      Promotes active and diverse soil biology
  2.      Reactivates and sustains naturally occurring biological cycles
  3.      Increases soil exchange capacity
  4.      Improves soil structure facilitating air and water movement
  5.      Increases soil available essential nutrients
  6.      Enhances root function increasing access to nutrients and water
  7.      Suppresses diseases and reduces stress
  8.      Improves water management efficiencies
  9.      Reduces excess soil biocarbonates and sodium accumulation
  10.      Increases environmental stewardship

Watch this video for additional information! 

Soil Science


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Why offer a tree and shrub program at your lawn care company?

A lot of lawn care companies misunderstand the tree and shrub market. However, tree and shrub applications are in reality, very simple. By utilizing a bionutritional product, a dash of nitrogen and a pinch of fungicides, you can provide a balanced program for your current customers.

Watch the slide share to see the key benefits to including a tree and shrub program.

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Holganix Case Studies: Truly "Green" at Manada Golf Club

“Across the board, the color, thickness and depth of my roots were better when applying Holganix. It gave my turf roots a more developed, web like root system.” Says Barry Ehrhart superintendent of Manada Golf Club in Harrisburg, PA. Manada Golf Club is a 19-hole, 6,700-yard, par 72, public golf course that was originally designed by David Gordon in 1964. It has also hosted the USGA Public Link Qualifier.

In January 2014, Ehrhart and the general manager of the Manada were on a quest to discover a more environmentally sound and sustainable solution for the course. They felt that by incorporating organic golf products into the course’s program, they could advertise to golfers that their course was truly “Green”. At a winter seminar at Genesis Turfgrass, Ehrhart discovered Holganix. He was instantly intrigued by the sustainable element, but was sold on the idea that by developing healthier plants, they’d be able to use fewer pesticides.

When Ehrhart started utilizing Holgnaix, he developed specific case studies to examine the results Holganix would have on his turf. “I applied Holganix in the worst area of my golf course,” admits Ehrhart. One of those locations was along a golf green that came up to a wooded area on the course. “It was an area with high disease pressure and the roots were maybe a half an inch.” After three applications of Holganix  (totaling 35 ounces per 1,000 square feet), Ehrhart examined the turf. Right away he could see that his disease suppression had significantly improved when using Holganix in conjunction with fungicides. When he pulled a core sample to look at the roots, he was similarly blow away. “I had 5 inch roots!”


In the second case study Ehrhart examined Holanix’s affect on his worst performing tees. “We did a core sample before applying Holganix and there were no roots what-so-ever.” Ehrhart then divided his tee into 3 sections: the first featured his Holganix liquid program (with synthetic inputs), the center acted as a control with his normal fertility program and the third section featured Holganix granular. “Holganix liquid was the clear winner in terms of performance. The roots on that tee were .5 - .75 inches in length. That’s a big success for me.” Ehrhart also says it helped with disease suppression.




“Ehrhart has used plenty of other high end, expensive products on his hard hit areas,” says Paul Wickey, Barry’s sales representative from Genesis Turfgrass. “But Holganix did make a big impact. That’s just a testament for Holganix and how well it works on the golf course.

Over all, playability has increased at Manada due to Holganix. “This is especially true in my traditionally, worse performing areas”, says Ehrhart. He’s also excited to say that he’s achieved his goal of making his course more sustainable. To date, he’s been able to reduce pesticide use by 25% - 30%. “Ultimately,” says Ehrhart, “with Holganix, I’ve accomplished exactly what I set out to do: provide a more sustainable golf course for golfers and boost plant health in remarkable ways.”

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How can Holganix improve golf course turf conditions?

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3 New Places To Try Holganix On The Golf Course!

Okay, you’ve tried Holganix on your greens and tees and have seen great results. But, have you considered what Holganix can do for all the other areas on your course? Many superintendents are using Holganix on fairways, clubhouse spaces, and on plants like the club’s flowers, trees and shrubs and seeing great results.




Fox Ridge Golf Course in Auburn, Maine. 

A lot of Holganix users are starting to adopt Holganix on their fairways program. That’s because Holganix can do a lot to help nurture the fairways, ultimately saving you from dealing with turf problems later on down the road. Some of the key reasons to use Holganix on fairways are:

1. Holganix reduces thatch, and therefore increases water infiltration into the soil. This lessens the amount of water held on the surface of the turf, ultimately robbing from spores a place to develop.  How does Holganix reduce thatch? Holganix introduces beneficial microorganisms to the soil which break down the thatch layer.

2. Holganix increases root health (I bet you haven’t heard that one before!). Having a good root system supports a healthy turf crown promoting a firmer surface. A firm course always plays well for your golfers. How does Holganix increase root health? The presence of beneficial fungi such as trichoderma and mycorrhizae in addition to humic and fulvic acids promote healthy roots and root development. For additional information on ingredients contained within Holganix and there functions, click here.

3. If you have an area of the course that sees a lot of disease stresses, Holganix can help fungicides work more efficiently.


Barrington Golf Club on Fairways

Mark Figurella, Superintendent of Barrington Golf Club, states that maintaining healthy turf on fairways is one of the biggest benefits he sees while using Holganix. The fairways at Barrington Golf Club were originally seeded with seaside bent grass in the early 1990s. In the past, the turf has given him a lot of trouble. “We are one of the only courses left with seaside bent grass on fairways,” Figurella claims. With Holganix, “the seaside has done really well,” says Figurella. “In fact, Jack Nicklaus was here this summer. He was very complimentary of the seaside and how good it looked.” Click here to learn more about Figurella's Holganix experience.


Fox Ridge Golf Course on Fairways

According to Ed Michaud, Superintendent of Fox Ridge Golf Course, one of his biggest benefits when using Holganix is disease suppression, especially on fairways. He has reduced his fungicide use by 1 to 2 applications per year. “I can’t eliminate fungicides,” admits Michaud, “but Holganix has helped.” Michaud uses the minimum label rate with 21-day intervals between applications. He has also reduced the rate of nitrogen used per year on his fairways to 2.5 – 3.5 pounds per year because with Holganix, “the nitrogen just goes further.” Click here to learn more about Michaud's Holganix experience. 


Beavercreek Golf Club on Fairways

For Mike Gafkjen, Superintendent of Beavercreek Golf Club, his decision to utilize Holganix on a massive scale lays in his test results. Gafkjen recalls one story in particular where he compared Holganix on a fairway to non-treated Holganix fairway. He sprayed Holganix at the the start of September 2013; come October, “we had a lot of dollar spot… with the exception of the fairway that we sprayed with Holganix.” Click here to learn more about Gafkjen's Holganix experience.

With stories like this, how can you not use Holganix on Fairways?


Flowers, Trees and Shrubs 

One of the first things Paul B. Latshaw did when he became Director of Grounds Operations at Muirfield Village Golf Club was to bring in a horticulturist to focus on caring for the club’s flowers, trees and shrubs. In 2012, Muirfield Horticulturist, Tim Hollowell CGCS, starting using Holganix Tree and Shrub in all of his green houses. Because Holganix promotes optimal plant health, it has helped Tim produce healthier and stronger plants that see less pest and stress issues.


For example, “We have 1,000 rhododendrons. I used to lose at least a couple dozen rhododendrons per year due to phytophthora,” claims Tim. “Since using Holganix, I’ve seen huge reductions in the number of lost rhododendrons. They are so much healthier.” In fact, over the past seven years, he had one stubborn rhododendron that never seemed to get green. “No matter what I threw at it, I never got results. With Holganix, it’s green and leaves are expanding.” Click here to learn more about Tim's experience.

While we can’t all go out and hire top-notch horticulturists like Tim for our courses, paying attention to flowers, trees and shrubs can boost the overall appearance of the golf course and provide a beautiful back drop to your green, healthy turf.


The Club House

The clubhouse turf is the “door mat” to the club, so make sure you’ve got it looking its best! Ray Cuzzone is the director of landscape services at Mountain Lake Corporation, a private home and golf community nestled in Lake Wales, Florida. Two of the properties Cuzzone treats are the “Colony House” and pro shop. At the end of the day, says Cuzzone, “your goal as a landscaper is to build up the plant’s health as much as possible.” Cuzzone believes Holganix is the ticket to building plant strength naturally. Click here to learn more about Cuzzzone's Holganix experience.


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Spring marketing tips for lawn care companies!

The spring is a great time to market. One of the critical marketing metrics to understand is cost per sale. How much money are you willing to spend to get a single customer?

A higher cost per sale isn't necessarily a bad thing. Many times, it will cost more to attract your best and most valuable customers, but the reward will be well worth it. When focusing marketing efforts towards your Golden Streets (those neighborhoods containing your most profitable customers) you increase revenue exponentially and cut down on windshield time, which can quickly offset the additional acquisition cost.

Figure out where your Golden Streets are and make those areas your primary focus this spring. Watch the video above for additional spring marketing tips.

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Marketing Hints and Tips: Upselling customers?

The marketing race in the lawn care world is in full swing! You’re doing your best to reel in as many new customers as possible. But have you neglected the customers you already have? They can be a powerful tool for generating extra revenue this year.


According to Sandra Zoratti, author of Precision Marketing: Maximizing Revenue Through Relevance, “New customers cost about seven times more than retaining and expanding your sales to existing customers.” Have you been neglecting these low hanging fruit? Here are some easy strategies for up selling your current customers:

1. Always have an invoice, message or insert of some sort, offering your customers additional services that your business provides.
2. Mail postcards to existing customers. The postcards don’t have to be big or expensive. Since they are already familiar with your company name and logo, you don’t have to be flashy to get their attention.
3. Call your customers before a season starts for the service you want to up sell. For example, try selling flea and tick services right before the weather begins to warm up. Or perhaps give your current customers a call when trees and shrubs are most under attack by insects and disease.
4. After you provide a service, have a company representative give that particular customer a call. State that the call is a production follow up to make sure he/she is happy with your services. It’s a great way to segue into a new sale.

Also, keep in mind that your current customers love and trust you. Tap into your customers for referrals and turn their neighbors into clients as well! It’s cheaper to tap into your referrals than cold calling, and you’ll be building density within your geographic location! 

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