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Getting Strategic about 2017 Growth


After a short winter, anticipation for the start of spring is thick. Many of us are itching to get back on the properties and begin normal maintenance operations. The marketing and sales machines are moving. Early telemarketing campaigns have begun and post cards are already starting to go out the door. However, before full-blown spring chaos is upon us, it’s important to slow down and really think about growth strategies for 2017.

Scottish author and historian Thomas Carlyle once stated, “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.” In other words, don’t confuse being busy with real growth. How do you know you’re moving business growth in the right direction without a rudder, or goal, to guide you?


Setting clear, measurable growth goals

“Step one for 2017 needs to start with setting a clear, measurable growth goal,” says Barrett Ersek, CEO of Holganix and former lawn care company owner.

“Once your growth goal is made, creating a plan with actionable, clear and measurable objectives is key to ensure you reach your goal.”

For most of us, starting with the marketing and sales plan is key to hatching the appropriate marketing and sales campaigns to reach revenue goals.


A tool to help plan

That’s one of the reasons why Holganix has brought back its acclaimed webinar, “Building Your 2017 Marketing Plan for lawn and landscape professionals. To date, we have a webinar scheduled for February 21 at 5:00 PM ET (Register here).

Attendees will set revenue goals for 2017 and break down campaigns needed to reach that revenue goal.

According to Nathan Brandon of Pure Green in Nashville, Tennessee, working on his marketing plan with Holganix’s marketing department has been a contributing factor to helping him stay focused on growth objectives. Nathan started his business in year-end 2013 and grew to 500 customers by December 2014, just 12 months later.

Shar McLaughlin from Irish Green Lawn Care attended the webinar in early January. According to Shar, “The 2017 Marketing Plan webinar has been a tremendous help to me in scaling my business. As a die-hard goal setter and planner, this is the most detailed plan I have used. I attended the webinar twice! Only one month in, but so far we have hit all our goals.”


Register for our webinar!

Slow down, get strategic and start growing this 2017 by attending our webinar Building Your 2017 Marketing Plan.

Register: Feb 21 at 5:00 ET


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Congratulations to Holganix Customer Shannon Easter

Last week at the Golf Industry Show in Orlando, Florida, Holganix customer Shannon Easter of Broken Sound Club accepted the coveted Environmental Leaders in Golf Award (ELGA). The ELGA is presented annually by GCSAA and Golf Digest in partnership with Syngenta and Rain Bird’s Golf Division.

According to GCSAA’s chief executive officer, Rhett Evans, “The ELGA winners are not only stewards for the environment, but excellent examples of the focus our industry keeps on sustainable efforts… They are on the frontline of how superintendents are making great playing conditions and environmental management practices work in tandem.”


What makes Shannon’s environmental efforts unique?

From fostering honey bee populations and installing bat houses, to creating a solar-powered parking lot, reducing chemical inputs and recycling 96% of Broken Sound's waste, Shannon and the team at Broken Sound have made it their top priority to produce an exceptional golf course while being stewards to their environment.

According to Shannon in a recent GCSAA interview, “Superintendents are trying to do the same thing, to show that golf courses are good for the environment. Being recognized for what we are doing is a feather in our cap here at Broken Sound.”


Roots by Shannon Easter, Broken Sound Club


Environmental strides in turf management
Shannon incorporates Holganix Golf to curb input use and promote turf and soil health. Through the use of Holganix Golf, Shannon reported in 2015, “I noticed a substantial reduction in the presence of disease pressure and have decreased our fungicide use by 30%. That’s less than I’ve ever used in the past.” He has also reduced his use of nitrogen fertilizer by 20% and attributes Holganix Golf to reduced pathogenic nematode counts.

According to Shannon, “Holganix Golf has allowed us to reduce fertilizer and fungicide inputs and drastically increase turf performance and soil health.”

Learn more about Shannon’s Holganix experience in his two case studies:

  1. Boosting Soil and Plant Health at Broken Sound
  2. Shannon Easter: Pathogen Nematode Slayer



From the entire Holganix Team, congratulations to Shannon Easter for his continued and well-deserved success in the golf industry and at Broken Sound Club.

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What it Takes to 2x Cash-Flow, 3x Industry Profits, Attract & Retain Top Talent & Dominate your Market in 2017


Pray your competition doesn't attend this virtual conference...

Los Angeles, CA - Advancing business education for landscape professionals is a shared goal of Judith Guido, Chairwoman of Guido & Associates, and the National Association of Landscape Professionals [NALP], the voice of the GREEN Industry. Developing innovative educational events to enrich landscape professional’s business lives is also a common goal.

As a result, on February 16, 2017 from 2:00 P.M. - 5:15 ET Judith Guido, a leading industry business expert, will conduct a virtual conference for the NALP teaching landscape professionals how to double cash-flow, triple industry average profits, and attract top talent while dominating their individual markets.

“We’ve come a long way in our industry,” says Guido looking back at the growth of the GREEN industry. “The two greatest requests for education in our industry are learning how to profitably grow a company, and attracting top talent. This virtual conference will address both critical needs. I couldn’t be happier, or have a better partner than NALP to bring this conference to our industry members.”


>>Register online with NALP using this link: 


Manada Golf Club sees improved rooting and less disease

“Across the board, the color, thickness and depth of my roots were better when applying Holganix Golf. It gave my turf roots a more developed, web like root system.” Says Barry Ehrhart superintendent of Manada Golf Club in Harrisburg, PA.

In January 2014, Ehrhart and the general manager of the Manada were on a quest to discover a more environmentally sound and sustainable solution for the course. They felt that by incorporating organic golf products into the course’s program, they could advertise to golfers that their course was truly “Green”.

At a winter seminar at Genesis Turfgrass, Ehrhart discovered Holganix Golf. He was instantly intrigued by the sustainable element, but was sold on the idea that by developing healthier plants, they’d be able to use fewer pesticides.

When Ehrhart started utilizing Holgnaix, he developed specific case studies to examine the results Holganix Golf would have on his turf. “I applied Holganix Golf in the worst area of my golf course,” admits Ehrhart. One of those locations was along a golf green that came up to a wooded area on the course. “It was an area with high disease pressure and the roots were maybe a half an inch.”

After three applications of Holganix Golf (totaling 35 ounces per 1,000 square feet), Ehrhart examined the turf. Right away he could see that his disease suppression had significantly improved when using Holganix Golf in conjunction with fungicides.

When he pulled a core sample to look at the roots, he was similarly blow away. “I had 5 inch roots!”


In the second case study Ehrhart examined Holanix’s affect on his worst performing tees. “We did a core sample before applying Holganix and there were no roots what-so-ever.” Ehrhart then divided his tee into 3 sections: the first featured his Holganix Golf (with synthetic inputs), the center acted as a control with his normal fertility program and the third section featured Holganix granular.

“Holganix Golf was the clear winner in terms of performance. The roots on that tee were .5 - .75 inches in length. That’s a big success for me.” Ehrhart also says it helped with disease suppression.




“Ehrhart has used plenty of other high end, expensive products on his hard hit areas,” says Paul Wickey, Barry’s sales representative from Genesis Turfgrass. “But Holganix did make a big impact. That’s just a testament for Holganix and how well it works on the golf course.

Over all, playability has increased at Manada due to Holganix Golf. “This is especially true in my traditionally, worse performing areas”, says Ehrhart.

He’s also excited to say that he’s achieved his goal of making his course more sustainable. To date, he’s been able to reduce pesticide use by 25% - 30%. 

“Ultimately,” says Ehrhart, “with Holganix, I’ve accomplished exactly what I set out to do: provide a more sustainable golf course for golfers and boost plant health in remarkable ways.”

What's in the Holganix jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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5 Reasons to Attend the Bionutritional Summit

We are excited to announce that we are expanding the Bionutritional Summit. Instead of hosting the Bionutritional Summit before GIE+EXPO, we'll be hosting several regional Bionutritional Summits from February through March of 2017. 

All industries are welcome to attend!

bio summit chart .jpg


Why did we decide to go regional?

1. Different regions face different turf and agronomic problems. Having regional Bionutritional Summits will allow us to address problems that are specific to YOU and YOUR market.

2. Over the last few years, we've drastically expanded Holganix's reach across the United States. Hosting regional Bionutritional Summits will allow turf professionals to experience the event regardless of their region.


3 Reasons why YOU should attend a Bionutritional Summit near YOU

1. Get your learn on

In addition to a rocking keynote presentation on building a personal brand that highlights what makes you UNIQUE, the 2017 Bionutritional Summits will have 5+ additional classes. Topics include but are not limited to: Soil Biology: The Last Great Frontier by David Stark PhD from Holganix; Holganix 101; Holganix Experience featuring several brag-worthy Holganix users; Goal Setting; and Holganix 101 Español for Spanish-speaking turf professionals.

Classes are designed as round tables so you can float from class to class based on your interests.


2. Network!

A wise man learns from his experiences but a super wise man learns from the experiences of others. One of the key reasons to attend a regional Bionutritional Summit is to network with like-minded turf professionals. Discuss what they are seeing in the market and share agronomic tips and tricks.


3. Meet the Holganix Team

The Holganix Team is packing up their suitcases and headed to a regional Bionutritional Summit just to meet you! Mingle over drinks and hors d’oeuvres with the team. Pick their minds on soil, turf and Holganix at large.


Bionutritional Summit

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Seven Ways Holganix Grows Your Lawn and Landscape Business

Did you know Holganix helps grow your lawn and landscape business?

We are passionate about sustainable GROWTH! And to us, growth means more than just growing plants. It also means the growth of businesses – ours and YOURS! Here are seven ways Holganix helps grow your business.

Grow business.jpeg


Holganix differentiates your business

In lawn care, you don’t have to just compete on price. In fact, if you rely on LOW prices as your mechanism for growth, you could seriously damage the health of your company. Going up against national lawn care companies that have buying power with reduced costs associated with treating lawns is a big NO!

Instead of competing on price, show your market what makes you special! Grow DIFFERENT!

When you use Holganix, you reduce your synthetic inputs by 50 to 75%. Reducing inputs allows you to market your company uniquely against your synthetic wielding competitors.


Combat the growing green movement and government regulations

Going green doesn’t just help differentiate your business, it also allows you to offer a service that sustainably minded homeowners desire.

Do your customers really care about organic services? You bet they do! According to Statista, in 2013, the United States was the world’s largest market for organic products. In fact, it was a $26,700,000,000 market. Your customers want organics; why not offer them?

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 2.09.48 PM.png

Consumers aren’t the only ones thinking organically, so is the government. With government regulations around the use of synthetic products increasing, you can escape the noose by going green.


Increase productivity with LOGISTICS

If you use liquid fertilizers, it could take your technicians up to 45 minutes to fill a truck with product! Because of the Holganix RAD (Refrigerated Automated Dispensing System) and other equipment offered by Holganix, lawn care companies are able to fill their trucks on average in 12 minutes!


Reduce customer call backs

By using Holganix, you are nurturing healthy plants. Healthier plants mean less call backs and less money wasted!

Learn about the seven ways Holganix grows healthier plants here.


Reduce reliance on UREA pricing

Fertilizer costs associated with urea may be low now, but they won’t be forever. By using Holganix, you reduce the use of urea fertilizer by 50 to 75%. Why rely upon urea pricing and a finicky market when you can control your cost of doing business with Holganix?


Tools for education

Holganix has created TONS of tools to help you get your learn on and grow your business! Topics include marketing, business strategy, production and science. Here are some of the tools you have available:

  1. eBooks

  2. Articles

  3. Videos

  4. Webinars


Marketing support

Holganix has also created tons of marketing pieces you can R&D (Rip Off and Duplicate). We’ll customize any piece with your logo and company contact information, just give us a call! All designs are free. Just send the design to your local printer and your marketing campaign is in business!

  1. Postcard Designs

  2. Yard/Lawn Sign Designs

  3. Door Hanger Designs

  4. Brochures

  5. Marketing Boxes

  6. Video

>>Explore our marketing tools in Holganix University


Okay, Holganix grows your business. But, where should you start?

Feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of free tools available at your fingertips? We recommend starting with our Holganix 101 for Lawn Care webinar. It’s designed for Holganix newbies and covers:

  1. What is Holganix?

  2. How do you talk about Holganix to homeowners?

  3. Access and introduction to Holganix marketing tools

>>Sign Up Here

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Benerget Greenhouses: Vivacious Poinsettias with 30% Less Fungicides

“We’ve tried some similar products to Holganix Bloom, but they’ve never really responded or stayed in the market long,” explains Denny Benerget, owner of Benerget Greenhouses.

“When it comes to snake oil, I’ve seen it all!” With 40 years in the business, and a family ancestry spanning five generations of growers (stretching back to Germany – before the family came to the States), it’s safe to say that Denny truly has seen it all. “Unlike those snake oil products, Holganix Bloom really does work!” 


Left plant treated with Holganix Bloom, right treated with Denny's usual program

Benerget Greenhouses features 60,000 square feet of greenhouse space used to grow flowers. Denny typically sells plants wholesale and retail with a focus on delivering to organizations like churches.

“We deliver products that no one else has or better than anyone else. We also strive on service and deliver plants when the customer wants it and where. That’s part of what makes Benerget so special.”


Reducing nitrogen fertilizers by 10 - 15%

Denny has been using Holganix Bloom as a compliment to his fertilizer program on poinsettias.

“Bloom makes the fertilizer work better,” explains Denny. “That’s why we can use less of it.” So far, Denny has decreased nitrogen fertilizers by 10-15%.

Now that he feels comfortable with the product, he plans to further explore nitrogen reductions.


Left plant treated with Denny's usual program, right treated with Holganix Bloom. Please note that the ruler is propped up against the plant and that the reading is skewed.


Reducing fungicides by 30%

“One of the big things we’ve noticed is that we’ve used less fungicides with Bloom. In fact, we’ve used less fungicides than ever before.” So far, Denny has cut fungicides by 30%. Keep in mind, that poinsettias require heavy doses of preventative fungicides because of their tricky growing season which features shortened growing days in the fall and winter.

Part of the reason why Denny can use fewer fungicides is due to root development. “We monitored root development heavily,” explains Denny. Poinsettias are prone to root disease, especially early in the plant’s development.


Improving the developmental state of the plant

At the end of the day, Holganix Bloom has improved the developmental state of the plant. That means the plant both matures earlier and stays in peak conditions longer.

It’s crucial for poinsettias to be as developed as possible before the Holiday season. Because the plant is matured,

Holganix places me in a better position to sell something lush.” 

What's in the Holganix jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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3 Tools to Make 2017 A Successful Year

Don’t wait until the New Year is here to think about your lawn and landscape marketing and sales strategy for 2017. Take advantage of the lull in sales and services between Thanksgiving and Christmas to begin strategizing and mapping out your plan for successful growth this upcoming year.

Utilize these three free marketing tools to ensure you are ready for 2017.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 2.21.47 PM.png


1. Webinar: Building Your Marketing Plan

Back by popular demand, we have two upcoming dates for the webinar Building Your Marketing Plan. The webinar will provide a template to create your plan and then will delve into examples of some seriously powerful marketing and sales campaigns to capitalize on 2017 growth opportunities.

What is one of our favorite marketing and sales campaigns? Golden Streets! Golden Streets are neighborhoods containing your most profit-potential prospects. Getting creative (Don’t worry, we have some creative examples!) will help you get attention and convert those leads into sales.

>>Learn more about gold street theory here

When are the webinar dates? We currently have two dates scheduled: December 7(tomorrow) at 10:00 ET and January 5 at 5:00 ET.

>>Register for a webinar here


2. Holganix Launch In A Box

If you are looking to plan campaigns to educate prospects and customers about Holganix and soil health, look no further than the Holganix Launch In A Box. This tool contains 12 “Stealable” tools for you to incorporate into your 2017 marketing campaigns.

What are some of the tools provided? Some of our favorite tools include three blogs to use in your blog and/or email newsletter, postcard designs, social media posts and website content. All materials are 100% stealable.

>>Download your Holganix Launch In A Box here


3. 2017 Strategy In A Box

The 2017 Strategy In A Box contains educational content around building your marketing and financial plans for 2017. Additional tools are provided to then help turn those plans into action!

>>Download your 2017 Strategy In A Box here


Cheers to a successful 2017!

We hope these tools help you make 2017 a successful year for you and your company.

We are always looking for ways to continually provide support to our lawn and landscape customers; let us know if these tools have been helpful and what tools we should look to create in 2017 to make your job easier. Reach out: 866-56-EARTH or

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UltraGreen: Less disease pressure, healthier lawns and growing their business

When Caleb Ault and Josh Bryan, owners of UltraGreen, first heard about Holganix, they were standoffish. Holganix sounded expensive and they were already incorporating some organic solutions in their lawn fertilization program; why look at other products?

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 10.55.12 AM.pngUltimately, the thing that swayed Caleb and Josh was that the Holganix team “clearly cared about my business and took an interest in helping to grow my business,” states Caleb.

Caleb and Josh started UltraGreen in 2012. “We started with a pick-up truck, a spreader and a 4-gallon backpack sprayer,” explains Caleb.

Since founding UltraGreen, the two entrepreneurs quickly grew the business and it now operates in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Florida. Growing their business is important to them, and for Caleb and Josh, Holganix is a tool to help them meet that goal.

After using Holganix for nearly 1 year, Caleb and Josh report that Holganix has helped them increase their lawn care results, save money, and grow their business!


What are three of the key results Caleb and Josh report when using Holganix?

  1. Less disease pressure: “We’ve seen about 50% less disease pressure than in previous years when using Holganix alongside reduced amounts of fungicides,” reports Caleb. Specifically, UltraGreen clients have seen less large patch disease – a common plague in their region.

  2. Greener, healthier lawns: Caleb and Josh have heard reports that their lawns have stayed greener longer. The turf also appears thicker.

  3. It’s all about the money: According to Josh, “We’ve seen a 15-20% savings in material cost.” UltraGreen has also experienced less callbacks because of an overall increase in turf health.


Want to learn more about UltraGreen and their Holganix experience?

Watch the interview below to hear Caleb and Josh discuss:

  1. Results seen with Holganix

  2. How Holganix has helped them grow their business

  3. Marketing and sales strategies they have used to grow their business


What's in the Holganix jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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3 Reasons to be thankful for turfgrass


As Thanksgiving approaches, we've compiled 3 reasons why Holganix is thankful for turfgrass this season and why you should be too! 


1. Turfgrass takes care of pollution

Turf areas represent the largest carbon sink in the US, sucking up and storing greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Turf also converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. In fact, the grass and trees along the US highway system release enough oxygen to support 22 million people. Turf also helps filter pollutants from run off and can purify and recharge ground water supply, protecting America's water systems from harm.

>>Learn about soil's affect on pollution here


2. Turfgrass makes us happy 

Grass areas affect people's moods by creating feelings of serenity, privacy, thoughtfulness and happiness. Furthermore, its yearly cycles of growth and color change lift human spirits and link urban inhabitants with their countryside heritage. 

>>Learn more about turf's affect on happiness here


3. Beautiful turf means bigger $

A well-manicured lawn can boost the selling price of your home by 15%! In fact, a Gallup Survey reports that 62% of all US homeowners felt an investment in lawn and landscaping was as good or better than other home improvements.

>>Learn more about the economic benefits associated with turf here 


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