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Meet our latest product! Holganix 2-10-20… Growing Shoot and Roots!


Looking to BOOST the health and recovery of your turf and plants? Holganix 2-10-20 is a liquid additive for your fertility program to stimulate growth of SHOOTS and ROOTS. Because Holganix 2-10-20 contains biological food sources and plant useable nutrients, when combined with any Holganix refrigerated liquid product, results are enhanced.

>>Download our Holganix 2-10-20 brochure here


Why use Holganix 2-10-20 with Holganix refrigerated liquid products?

  1. Stimulate new tissue development and new shoots from base of plant

  2. Promote healthy root growth

  3. Improve water efficiency of plant

  4. Foster a balanced soil ecosystem with living biology from Holganix refrigerated and biological food sources from Holganix 2-10-20


Winter is coming…

In addition to the key benefits listed above, using Holganix 2-10-20 and Holganix refrigerated liquid products during fall applications will increase plant hardiness to better survive winter injury and bounce back from winter stress.

Learn more about the effects of using 2-10-20 and Holganix refrigerated liquid products during winter preparation here.

Webinar: Are Your Turf and Plants  REALLY Ready for Winter? 

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What are the 6 Essential Nutrients for Healthy Plants ?

plant nutrients

Growing happy, healthy plants is not always easy! Plants need thirteen different nutrients from the soil in order to fully develop. Six of these nutrients are needed in large quantities.

These six essential nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and calcium. The cool thing about these key nutrients is that they help create new cells, which then organize into plant tissue. Without these nutrients, growth and survival would not occur.


What do these nutrients do? Let’s break it down by nutrient.

1. Nitrogen: Nitrate (the form of nitrogen that plants use) helps foliage grow strong by affecting the plant’s leaf development. It is also responsible for giving plants their green coloring by helping with chlorophyll production ( For additional information on nitrogen, visit this blog: Nitrogen Fertilizers 101.

2. Phosphorus: Phosphorus is responsible for assisting with the growth of roots and flowers. Phosphorus also helps plants withstand environmental stress and harsh winters ( For additional information on phosphorus, visit this blog article: Why Your Plants Need Phosphorus. 

3. Potassium: Potassium strengthens plants, contributes to early growth and helps retain water. It also affects the plant’s disease and insect suppression (     

4. Magnesium: Magnesium contributes to the green coloring of plants (

5. Sulfur: Sulfur helps plants resist disease as well as contributing the plant growth and the formation of seeds. They also aid in the production of amino acids, proteins, enzymes and vitamins (

6. Calcium: Calcium aids in the growth and development of cell walls. This is key because well-developed cell walls help the plant resist disease. It is also necessary for metabolism and the uptake of nitrogen by the plant (


How do you add these nutrients to the soil? Looking at well-balanced fertilizers

One of the great things about the six essential nutrients is that they are easy to find.

Adding a well-balanced fertilizer is an easy way to increase nutrient levels in the soil. Be sure to check out Holganix's fertilizer options including: Holganix Blue Sky 21-0-0, Holganix 2-10-20 and Holganix granular options.


Unlocking nutrients in the soil

Healthy soil is already pumped with these nutrients, although some like nitrogen and phosphorus are often locked in an unusable form for the plant.

Plant and soil probiotics containe ACTIVE, beneficial microorganisms that unlock plant nutrients in the soil. They also nurture longer, more web-like root systems that are better able to mine for nutrients deeper in the soil.


soil food web

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Winter is Coming! Are YOUR Turf & Plants Ready?


Are your turf and plants REALLY ready for winter? Once winter hits, your turf and plants will be under a lot of stress to survive the season. Don’t let Jack Frost put your turf on ICE! Increase plant hardiness to better survive winter injury and recover in the spring.

Combining Holganix refrigerated liquid products with Holganix 2-10-20 for fall applications to turf and plants enhances plant hardiness.

Holganix 2-10-20 is our newest product and is a phosphorus and potassium-focused fertilizer that contains biological food sources.


How do Holganix & Holganix 2-10-20 increase plant hardiness?

1. Increases stress and cold tolerance by building strong roots.

Ingredients in Holganix refrigerated liquid products, like endo and ecto mycorrhizae and trichoderma fungi as well as the phosphorus and potassium found in Holganix 2-10-20, promote healthy root growth.

Promoting a thick, web-like root system can prevent roots from ripping when soil movement shifts as temperatures melt and freeze soil moisture.

Having deep roots can also help plants mine for moisture. As soils freeze, plants can literally die of thirst. Potassium also positively regulates water levels within the plant, preventing unnecessary water loss.


2. Increases nutrient utilization for plant hibernation

The nutrients contained in Holganix 2-20-20 are maximized through Armament Technology contained in 2-10-20 and Holganix refrigerated liquid products. Both work to increase uptake of nutrients by the plant.


3. Balances soil ecosystem with living biology

Holganix contributes to a balanced soil ecosystem that builds strong plants. A stronger plant will have the resilience to survive winter and bounce back from weather stress when spring arrives.

For example, Nitrogen Fixing and Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria in Holganix refrigerated liquid products go to work when temperatures warm up and unlock nutrients, giving your plants a boost of energy to recover from winter injury. They also help unlock nutrients before soil temperatures drop below freezing to help the plant hibernate through winter.


Learn more about Holganix’s newest product

Holganix 2-10-20 is a liquid potassium and phosphorus-focused fertilizer containing biological food sources that BOOST plant growth.

When combined with Holganix refrigerated liquid products, results from Holganix 2-10-20 are enhanced!


Visit our Holganix 2-10-20 product page on the website here and then attend Holganix's upcoming webinar: Are Your Turf and Plants REALLY Ready for Winter?

Webinar: Are Your Turf and Plants  REALLY Ready for Winter? 

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Seven Ways Holganix GROWS Healthier Turf & Plants

Holganix is a 100% organic plant probiotic that balances the soil’s ecosystem, building strong roots and growing healthier, more resilient plants. Holganix Refrigerated Liquid products contain (1) 800+ species of living beneficial microbes that break down nutrients and stimulate healthy plant growth, (2) biological food sources that feed the microbes, and (3) helpful plant extracts and soil minerals. 


How does Holganix GROW healthier turf and plants?

There are a lot of ways Holganix grows healthier turf and plants! Here are our top seven favorite ways Holganix GROWS healthier turf and plants.


1. Holganix Balances the Soil Food Web

The Soil Food Web is the circle of life within the soil. The big “Bugs” eat the smaller “Bugs,” and those smaller “Bugs” eat even tinier “Bugs.”

When the soil food web is in balance, soil microbes go to work breaking down nutrients within the soil, fortifying plant health and stimulating plant growth.

The living beneficial microbes in Holganix increase the diversity and population counts within the soil food web. If a certain segment or species within the soil food web is weak, adding microbes from Holganix will help strengthen that segment.

At the same time, the biological food sources contained in Holganix provide food to help keep the microbes active in the soil.

soil_food_web.pngPhoto above from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services.  


2. Holganix Builds Strong Roots

Houses have foundations that support the entire structure.

Plants and turf do too! The roots act as the foundation that supports a healthier overall plant.

When your plants have strong root systems, they are better able to withstand environmental stresses from disease, insects, traffic and weather. A stronger root system with long roots is also able to more effectively mine for nutrients, minerals and moisture within the soil.


Holganix contains several ingredients that influence root growth, including:

Are users seeing good rooting with Holganix? Most of our customers see a considerable improvement in rooting. In fact, last year Holganix hosted a competition to find the best turf roots in America. Check out our winners from 2015.


3. Holganix Reduces Inputs

When using Holganix, you increase the effectiveness of synthetic inputs like fertilizers and pesticides, allowing you to reduce inputs by 50 to 75%. That means when you use Holganix, you’re using a greener product that differentiates you from your synthetic wielding competitors.

How much can you reduce your inputs? Check out our compatibility list here for rate reductions and recommended components to use with Holganix.


4. Holganix Increases Water Efficiency

When your plants need less water, you can cut back on irrigation and help survive tough weather conditions like droughts and summer heat. Holganix isn’t a drought cure-all, but it can help your plants go into dormancy later and come out of dormancy stronger!

Holganix affects water efficiency in four ways:

  1. Increases root mass

  2. Allows roots to mine for nutrients

  3. Provides access to water that roots can’t reach alone

  4. Acts as a soil conditioner and wetting agent

One of our favorite stories regarding water reduction is Ed Smith Stadium, the spring training field for the Baltimore Orioles. Check out their story here.


5. Holganix Increases Stress Tolerance

Because Holganix builds stronger roots, your plants are better able to defend against environmental stresses and more easily recover when attacked by disease, insects and weather.

Holganix also contains microbes that eat pathogenic microbes and release antibiotics in the soil that defend the plant from harm.

Check out Manada Golf Course in PA, then read their case study here.



6. Holganix Increases Seed Germination

Thinking about doing a little overseeding? Holganix can help with that! Customers that apply Holganix during seeding see an increase in seed germination rates.

Can you guess which pot was treated with Holganix? This test was conducted by Sam Whitehouse of Whitehouse Lawn and Landscape in PA.


Seven Holganix ingredients enhance seed germination. These seven ingredients are:

  1. Kelp Extract

  2. Mycorrhizae Fungi

  3. Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria

  4. Trichoderma

  5. Humic and Fulvic Acids

  6. Amino Acids

  7. Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB)


7. Holganix Reduces Transplant Shock

Holganix reduces transplant shock by mending a disrupted soil food web, making the plant’s new environment a happy and healthy one! It also builds strong roots so the new plant can better “root” into its new home. And because of specific soil microbes contained in the product, Holganix increases stress tolerance so your plant is better able to handle the stress of moving into its new home.


Want to Learn More?

Learn more about the seven ways Holganix grows healthy plants by attending our webinar featuring Holganix’s Director of Plant and Soil Science, Dr. Neidermyer.

Save your seat! 

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Why use Holganix during fall installs and plantings?

When installing trees, shrubs, flowers or sod, you stress out the plant as it gets used to its new home. At times, stress can be so great that the plant will go into shock or potentially die after installation.

As your insurance policy for achieving the perfect installation, apply Holganix! Holganix products are designed to aid root development and balance the soil ecosystem.

When it comes to plant installations, Holganix’s focus on rooting and soil leads to huge benefits like:

  1. Improved healing process

  2. Improved plant survival

  3. Healthier plants and more beautiful flowers



How do you use Holganix during installations?

There are four great ways to apply Holganix during installations:

  1. Chameleon Sprayer

  2. Watering Can

  3. Backpack Sprayer

  4. Holganix Ready to Use Container

Check out our video below for additional information on using Holganix during installations. 


What's in the Holganix jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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Does Holganix REALLY Boost Aeration and Overseeding Results?

Holganix enhances the effects of aeration and overseeding. Ingredients in Holganix increase seed germination and nurture seedling growth. Holganix also fosters healthy root growth and breaks down compaction within the soil.

But, does Holganix REALLY boost aeration and overseeding results?

Don’t ask us. Ask our customers! Across the country, Holganix customers are seeing excellent results with Holganix during aeration and overseeding.


Andrew Young, Woodbine Bend Golf Course

Stockton, Illinois


“The healing time after aerifying has decreased since using Holganix,” claims Andrew Young, superintendent at Woodbine Bend Golf Course. Typically, it would take the course two weeks to heal but with Holganix, Andrew reduced recovery time by one week!

“And my roots? They are just crazy!” says Andrew. “You can’t even see soil; all you see are white, healthy roots.”

>>Read Andrew’s full story


Terry Schafer, Terry’s Lawn Service

Morristown, Indiana


“We were really excited by the quality of the turf,” says Tom Fox, Terry Schafer’s distributor representative from Advanced Turf Solutions. Terry is the owner of Terry’s Lawn Service from Morristown, Indiana.

>>Read Terry’s full story


Sam Whitehouse, Whitehouse Landscaping

Boyertown, Pennsylvania


Sam Whitehouse, co-owner of Whitehouse Landscaping, decided to compare Holganix’s results on seed germination with other starter fertilizer products.

Can you guess which pot was treated with Holganix?

>>Read Sam’s Full Story


Dan Thomas, Ed Smith Stadium

Sarasota, Florida


“We typically overseed between Thanksgiving and Christmas,” explains Dan Thomas, Groundskeeper at Ed Smith Stadium, spring training field for the Baltimore Orioles.

Normally, Dan does an initial round of seed followed by a second or third round to ensure the turf grows in dense. Since using Holganix, “I only go out one round and then do a touch up in certain areas. I’m not adding more seed, just getting more out of the seed I put down.”

According to Dan, because of his results with seeding, he is going to lower his seed budget, saving money.

>>Read Dan’s full story


What are our customers saying on social media?

Aside from our case studies, Holganix customers are talking about aeration and seeding results online. Here’s what two Holganix customers had to say about the product on Instagram.



What's in the Holganix jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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What happens when you combine Holganix Blue Sky & Holganix Refrigerated?


Prebiotic and probiotic go together like salt and pepper

Holganix refrigerated liquid products function as a plant probiotic, replenishing living beneficial microbes and food sources to fortify the soil food web and balance the soil ecosystem.

In fact, a jug of Holganix is like a microbiome in a bottle, filled with an abundant and diverse set of over 800 species of living beneficial biology.

Like how salt goes with pepper and shampoo pairs with conditioner, probiotics can be paired with prebiotics to boost results.

Holganix Blue Sky is our slow-release nitrogen fertilizer infused with biological food sources. As a powerful prebiotic, it acts as the perfect companion product to Holganix probiotics.


What are the benefits of using Blue Sky and Holganix?

  1. Provides a quick green up with less surge growth

  2. Extends length of results

  3. Balances the soil ecosystem with living microbes and biological food sources

  4. Reduces burn potential during hot weather


Check out this result from Texas!


Learn more about Holganix Blue Sky

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How did Terry's Lawn Service get wicked fast seed germination?

“We should get a speeding ticket because we germinate seed so fast,” exclaimes a Holganix sales representative as he proudly showed off his collection of pictures (see below) sent to him by Terry’s Lawn Service.

When looking at the pictures, it’s easy to see why someone from the Holganix community would get excited about seed germination when teamed up with Holganix products.

Terry Shafer of Terry’s Lawn Service located in Morristown, Indiana put Holganix to the test on his own backyard.

This past fall, Shafer completely renovated his 1.5 acre yard. He reseeded his turf with 90% TTTF and 10% Blue seed. Seven days after seeding, Shafter applied Holganix liquid at a rate of 10 ounces per 1,000 square feet. Twelve days later, the turf was progressing steadily and had filled in nicely.

All in all, Shafer has been excited about using Holganix. According to Shafer, “I put [Holganix] into my program this spring on a majority of my lawns and have been very impressed and happy with the results I have seen thus far.”

Twelve days after seeding:

Seed germinationseed germination

Twenty-two days after seeding:

seed germinationseed germination

Why did Terry see amazing seed germination with Holganix?

Holganix is filled with ingredients specifically designed to promote healthy turf growth and give your lawn a head start.

For example, Mycorrhizae, a fungus found within Holganix, helps deliver nutrients and moisture to the plant and helps builds a dense, fibrous root system. Other ingredients, including humic and fulvic acids and Kelp extract, enhance and promote seed germination.

Both Holganix liquid and Holganix granular products help deliver superb results when fostering plant health.

What's in the Holganix jug?  Check out our ingredient list!

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Increasing Brix Index and Reducing Disease at Star Dairy

organic agriculture

“I don’t sell something unless I’m sure it’s going to work,” explains Gilson Martin, owner of Star Dairy, a Holganix distributor to farmers in Pennsylvania. “We started testing Holganix in 2011. We liked what we saw and the rest is history.”

Star Dairy has been selling dairy nutrition, soil fertility products and consulting to predominantly Amish farmers since 1994. Holganix has been his first compost-type or bionutritional product he’s carried because traditional compost and compost teas haven’t been economical on a large scale.

“I’ve always been interested in biological products,” says Gilson when we asked why he decided to give Holganix a shot.

“I liked the variety of organisms that was in Holganix and thought it worth trying out. Any time I can do something other than use a chemical, I’m happy.”

Over all, Gilson’s clients on Holganix programs have seen an increase in plant vigor, yield, brix index and a reduction in disease.


Increasing the Brix Index

After using Holganix for one year, Gilson’s clients have seen an 82% average increase in brix index (in % sucrose) in peas, sweet corn, raspberries, strawberries, tomato, watermelon and alfalfa.

Typically, the higher the brix, “the more minerals in the plant and the better the flavor,” explains Gilson. “Also, a higher brix plant should be more disease and insect resistant.” 


Less Disease

Speaking of disease, Gilson reports that, Holganix has been helping build resilient plants which means his customers have been seeing much less disease. “A lot of my growers are organic so there is a limit to what they can use to curb pathogens. Organic farmers will still have some disease with Holganix, but it’s drastically reduced and they can harvest as good a crop as clients using chemical fungicides.”


"[My customers] don't want to grow tomatoes without Holganix!"

Last spring, Dr. Neidermyer, Director of Plant and Soil Science at Holganix, reached out to Gilson to create a Holganix test on tomatoes.

“I discussed the idea with my farmers that grew tomatoes but no one was interested in doing a test that involved a control! That’s because they knew that without Holganix, the control tomatoes were going to be of lesser yield and brix as well as see an increase in disease. They don’t want to grow tomatoes without Holganix!”

Gilson explains that with Holganix, “I’ve seen results in six months. You won’t see instant results but you are going to grow better, healthier crops!” 


What's in the Holganix jug?  Check out our ingredient list!  

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Is YOUR Lawn Care Company Marketing Aeration and Overseeding?


Are you in the middle of planning for your fall aeration and overseeding marketing campaigns? Or, do you provide aeration and overseeding services but don't know how to market them? 

No worries, we've got your back! Aeration and overseeding is not only fantastic for plant and soil health, but for your wallet too. 

Aeration and overseeding are excellent opportunities to sell to your current lawn care customers. Not only do you know that your customers appreciate their lawn, they also know and love your company. Upselling to current customers rather than selling to cold prospects will mean a higher return on investment for your marketing campaign.

As you look at your aeration and overseeding campaign, ensure that you are building both inbound and outbound elements. Also, be sure to take advantage of all the free resources we've created to help you market your aeration and overseeding services (more on that later!).


Outbound Marketing

Outbound campaigns that you might use include direct mail or telemarketing.

Consider sending out prepay letters for the remainder of services along with aeration and overseeding applications to current customers. You could also send out a prepay letter specifically for aeration applications. Or, try a post card to current customers. Whenever you send out a piece, following up with a telemarketing campaign to those customers that received the direct mail item will increase your return on investment significantly. 

No matter the direct mail or telemarketing route you decide to pursue, be sure to include an offer to entice your customers to give aeration and overseeding a try. 


Inbound Marketing

An ideal marketing campaign for aeration and overseeding would not just include outbound marketing strategies such as direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, but would contain inbound marketing as well.

Right before mailing your post cards and prepay letters, consider sending an email newsletter or blog post to current customers, highlighting the benefits received from aeration applications. Also consider tweeting and posting two to three times per week, the benefits of aeration and overseeding during your marketing campaigns.


Free Marketing Tools

We've designed numerous marketing tools for you to utilize during your aeration and overseeding marketing campaigns to help reel in customers. Download your Aeration Business In A Box to access your tools today. 

Download your aeration in a box!

Some of the tools you'll have access to include:


1. Video Content

Your box contains video content that you can post on your website and share on social media. The video discusses the benefits of including aeration applications in your lawn care program and is a great telegraphic tool to educate customers on the benefits of aeration for the health of their lawn.


2. Mailers

Your box contains mailers including: postcards, letter/prepay text. The post cards and letter are designed to target your current customers and sell them aeration. The prepay text can be added to any prepay invoice for an aeration program. 


3. Education and marketing strategy

Your box contains educational materials on the science behind Holganix and how it helps amp up the benefits of aeration. It also contains a recorded version of our webinar on Growing your business through aeration applications to help you market aeration services.  Download your aeration in a box!

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