ProBiotic Fertilizer Product Line

*Granular solutions are for turf and plant professionals looking to incorporate active microorganisms in their plant health plan. For best results, combine with the Holganix Bio 800+ product line. 

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Our ProBiotic Fertilizers are organic or hybrid-organic granular fertilizers that provide a simple solution for turf and plant professionals to boost turf color, thickness and soil health. They embody a synergisitc relationship between high-quality aerobically composted chicken manure (ACCM) fertilizer with microorganisms from Bio 800+.


What's in a bag of ProBiotic Fertilizer?

Filled with microorganisms, an excellent source of carbon to feed microbes, and nutrient enhancers, ProBiotic Fertilizer products support plant and soil health, increase nutrient uptake and promote plant resilience. There are two Holganix ProBiotic Fertilizer Lines: Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix and Biodac Infused with Holganix.

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Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix

Healthy Grow is a granular fertilizer created from egg-laying poultry manure produced by Pearl Valley Farms. Healthy Grow has an ACCM (Aerobically Composted Chicken Manure) base, which means the manure is aerobically composted to promote beneficial microbe activity. 

When you combine the 800+ species of microorganisms in Bio 800+ with Healthy Grow, it’s like giving the product Red Bull, and as the saying goes, Healthy Grow “gets wings” and results are amplified. Not only do you get the benefit of adding a carbon source to your roster of turf products, but you also get the holistic benefits contained in a jug of Holganix Bio 800+

Keep in mind, the microorganisms infused in our ProBiotic Fertilizers will enhance the effect of the nutrient analysis. What does that mean for you? A bag of 2-4-3 will be empowered to work at a higher analysis. 

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Biodac Infused with Holganix

Biodac is an OMRI-certified organic granule and is a byproduct of 100% recycled paper. The naturally-forming honeycomb shape of Biodac allows the beneficial microorganisms from Holganix Bio 800+ to hide within the prill, ultimately going dormant.

When applied to turf, the Biodac breaks down, releasing the beneficial microorganisms. Furthermore, because paper is a carbon source, by using Biodac you are delivering organic matter to the soil ecosystem.


Want to learn more? 

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