Holganix Products Are Unlike Any Turf or Plant Treatment Available Today.

At Holganix, our mission is to Revolutionize the way the world grows. our commitment extends to the way you grow your business, your team and of course your plants. 

With a focus on biology as the solution to plant health, Holganix is continually pioneering new methods of incorporating soil microbes, microbe food and nutrient enhancers to build resilient plants and healthier soils. By harnessing the power of soil biology, Holganix products are able to reduce the need for water, fertilizers and pesticides require to obtain a lush, green, weed-free lawn. 

Holganix products are either fully organic or hybrid-organic depending on the analysis. 


Taking Organics to the Next Level

Traditionally, organic turf and plant products have consisted largely of compost tea and composting efforts. While these are commendable approaches to an organic solution they can be expensive, complicated and largely deliver inconsistent and slow results.

With Holganix, that all changes. Holganix's flagship product - Bio 800+ is DNA fingerprinted for product consistency. The product begins as a patented green compost extract from one of 11 climate zones across America. Additional soil microbes, microbe food and nutrient enhancers are then layered in. 

When utilizing a 100% organic program or when using Holganix Bio 800+ alone, users still must practice patience when looking for results.

This is one reason why we advocated for a hybrid approach, combining organic Bio 800with small amounts of synthetic inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. For best results, partner Holganix Bio 800+ with a PreBiotic Fertilizer like Holganix Blue Sky 21-0-0 or PreBiotic 2-10-20.

Not only do our PreBiotic Fertilizers contain plant-ready nutrients, but they also contain microbe food and nutrient enhancers, functioning as the perfect complement to the living soil microbes contained in Bio 800+.


How are Holganix Products Better for the Environment? 

Check out our Greater Green Goal to reduce the emission of nitrogen, phosphorus and concentrated pesticides. Then, visit our Dead Zone page to learn about the environmental effects of a synthetic program.

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