"How can you NOT say yes?" - Mark Tavares, Aquarius Supply

“I can’t believe I’m getting this kind of result!” is something Mark Tavares, ...
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Ready to combat drought?

The infamous California drought, “now on its fouth year, has taken its toll ...
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Mark Runk puts that "BLEEP" on everything!

“Do you see this turf?” asked Mark Runk. The turf he pointed to was the front ...
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Have you caught Healthy Grow Infused with Holganix Fever?

We have released our latest technological development: Healthy Grow Infused ...
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Is organic fertilizer right for you?

Organic fertilizers are in “vogue” in turf management, especially for lawn ...
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Marketing Hints and Tips: Wow-ify Customers!

 Marketing Hints and Tips:
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The Science Behind Holganix: 3 things you can do to increase soil health

First of all, we need to answer the question:  what makes soil healthy?  When ...
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