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Marketing Hints and Tips: Utilizing the Power of Real-Time Marketing

Marketing Hints and Tips

Entry nine: Utilizing the Power of Real-Time Marketing


An important facet in business today is real-time marketing. What does that mean? It’s an idea developed by marketing guru David Meerman Scott that means taking action now on something that has happened today. A lot of big companies are caught up in bureaucracy and red tape. In order to take any action, they must consult committee after committee, only to wind up acting on yesterday’s stale news. We lawn care companies can transform this flaw into a positive and use it to get ahead of big companies.

With today’s fast-paced world, there are several ways that you can help get your business in real time. Social media is free and easy to use, so long as you’re willing to give your time and attention. Get on Facebook and start tweeting on Twitter, connect with others in your industry and pay attention to what’s happening now. Other great tools to utilize are Google Alerts and Google Places. Google Alerts allows you to track and follow certain terms and receive alerts automatically to your email address. For instance, Holganix tagged the term “bio stimulant” on Google Alerts. Every time the phrase “bio stimulant” is mentioned, the Holganix CMO receives an email allowing her to act in real time, immediately. Google Places is a super easy way to get in real time. It allows you to input your location information into Google’s database so it shows up correctly when an individual searches for you or lawn care companies in the area.

Even as a lawn care provider, real-time marketing can make all the difference in your marketing strategy. It allows you to speak directly to your audience, which in itself is a valuable tool. If you offer helpful advice, you are seen as a leader in your industry. It also builds customer loyalty, gets your name recognized and creates customers. Best of all, putting you and your company out before your audience ensures that, when your potential customer’s need is greatest they’ll choose you over a different company.

What it all comes down to is, taking action in the now and not waiting for tomorrow. When the whole world can be connected with a single tweet, procrastination is your undoing. Cut the red tape and don’t stumble through the bureaucratic details, act now and win big time!

Stay tuned for next week’s article on Blogging and learn how it can help you act in real time.

Want to learn more about real time marketing? Check out this video of David Meermen Scott and his take on real-time marketing! 



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Real-time marketing credit goes to David Meermen Scott. Check out his site or his book entitled Real-Time Marketing & PR

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