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This spring we are launching 3 workshops for lawn and landscape companies looking to increases sales, production efficiencies, and agronomic performance. 

Each workshop is 25 minutes in length and designed to provide bite-sized, yet tangible take-home action items. Workshops are limited to just 15 companies in order to ensure that we can give appropriate attention to each company. 

Increasing Sales At Your Lawn & Landscape Company

Scheduled for: Tuesday, February 25 @ 2:00 PM EST

Hosts: Holganix National Sales Manager, Rob McCoy & Co-Owner and General Manager of Agxact Lawn and Pest, Gary Caudill.

If you want to grow your lawn and landscape business you have to set growth goals and track those goals. In this workshop we discuss: (1) building your sales plan, (2) building your marketing campaigns, and (3) in addition you will gain access to Holganix’s library of free sales and marketing support. 

Register: February 25 @ 2:00 EST


Optimizing Production Efficiencies: 5 Tips To Build Processes

Scheduled for: Tuesday, March 3 @ 2:00 PM EST

Hosts: Holganix National Sales Manager, Rob McCoy, and Holganix Territory Sales Managers Chris Knapp and Brian Marr. 

Ready to grow your lawn care business? Increasing your production efficiency can lead to a boost in profit margin by eliminating costs. That means more money in your pocket to invest in additional sources of growth. Attend our upcoming workshop to learn about 5 key tips to build processes in your business to optimize production efficiencies. 

Register: March 3 @ 2:00 EST


Building Your Fertilizer Program: Maximizing Agronomic Performance Without Breaking the Bank

Scheduled for: Tuesday, March 10 @ 2:00 PM EST

Hosts: Holganix National Sales Manager, Rob McCoy and Holganix President of Agriculture, David Stark PhD.

Most of the time, agronomic programs fluctuate throughout the year based on weather. For example, too much rain causes problems with disease, and too little could spell for a nasty summer. Regardless of Mother Nature’s whims, it’s important to strategize what your ideal agronomic program looks like to ensure a successful year. Attend our workshop to strategize about how to improve your fertilizer program to maximize agronomic performance without breaking the bank. 

Register: March 10 @ 2:00 EST


About Your Hosts

Holganix National Sales Manager, Rob McCoy is hosting each of the workshops with co-hosts depending on the workshop that include but are not limited to Dr. David Stark (President of Agriculture), Chris Knapp (Holganix Territory Sales Rep), Brian Marr (Holganix Territory Sales Rep), and other hosts.

Rob McCoy has spent 20 years in the lawn and landscape space. He was the Sales Manager for multi-million dollar regional lawn care companies, ran and sold his own lawn care company and is currently the National Sales Manager for Holganix. 

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