The Science Behind Holganix: Auxins Help Lawns Grow


Just like humans, plants utilize specific hormones to grow. Plant growth hormones are important chemicals produced by the plants themselves.

One of the first discovered plant growth hormones were auxins. This player is responsible for two very important functions: phototropism and gravitropism.



Broken down, phototropism is responsible for when a plant’s shoot bends toward the light.

The auxin springs into action when the shoot experiences uneven light distribution -- in other words, when one part of the plant isn’t getting enough sun. The hormone elongates the cells in the portion missing light, effectively bending the shoot toward the sun.



Gravitropism is responsible for the root’s growth down into the soil.

Whenever there is a slight variation in the force of gravity, auxins are called to the front lines. They elongate the size of the cell and force the growing tissue to stretch in the appropriate direction.


Plants Produce Auxins

Healthy, vigorous plants are more capable of producing Auxins than unhealthy plants.

By promoting plant health through the use of a bionutritional product like Holganix, you are increasing the plants ability to naturally produce auxins.

That's good new for you! Because of gravitropism, auxins allow for greater root density in your plants. Furthermore, they make sure that your plants are receiving the proper amount of sunlight they need through phototropism.

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Posted by Nicole Wise on Mar 27, 2012 4:09:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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