The Science Behind Holgnaix: Holganix Miracles

The Science Behind Holganix

Entry nine: Holganix Miracles

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(Picture of Boxwoods Treated with Holganix)

Today, we would like to take the opportunity to explore two amazing stories about Holganix users and how the product helped transform their plants. Holganix is being used all over America, bringing with it great stories about how individuals and plants are overcoming obstacles with Holganix. If you or your company has an awesome story about using Holganix, share it with us! We always love to hear about your personal success stories. 


Condemned Historic Plants Make a Recovery

HolganixIn Cambridge, Maryland, a historical site happens to have some of the oldest boxwoods in America. They were planted 300 years ago and have been silent observers to the forming of our great nation and all the adversity it has faced throughout the ages. Despite all the love and care they were given, the boxwoods suffered from insect damage, age and poor cultural conditions. Horticulturists were consulted. Their recommendation was that these trees had reached the end of their life cycle. Nothing would cure them, and they were condemned and written off to be destroyed.

Holganix founder and scientist, Stephen Lange, was working on a landscape nearby and came to visit the boxwoods to see what he could do. He analyzed the problem and quickly treated them with the Holganix solution. 


The Amish Farmer and the Giant Watermelon

HolganixUnbeknownst to us, an Amish farmer in Delaware heard about our Holganix product. He purchased the material from one of our dealers and applied it exclusively to his watermelon patch. For years, he had entered his watermelons in a local contest and always lost. In fact, for the last eight years in a row, a consistent competitor had won every time. But this year, the Holganix-induced watermelon totaled 110 pounds and won first place. The runner up, the eight-year-running champ, produced a mere 89-pound watermelon. Today, the Amish farmer who had used Holganix on his watermelon patch is a Holganix dealer to the Amish community.


Stay tuned for another article from The Science Behind Holganix series or check out our website for more awesome stories and testimonials. 

Posted by Nicole Wise on Apr 5, 2012 5:40:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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