Maketing Hints and Tips: Lawn Care in June and What to Sell

Marketing Hints and Tips

Entry eleven: Lawn Care in June and What to Sell


June is on its way and with it, lawn care sales will come to a halt. Unfortunately, in most situations, no matter how hard you press your prospect database, people don’t want to buy lawn care in the summer. Although the halt gives you a well-deserved break after a busy spring, don’t lose your momentum! Just because lawn care sales have halted doesn’t mean you still can’t sell.

Take the opportunity to sell other services your lawn care company may offer. Specifically, try to sell to your current customers. Your current customers already know and trust you. Talk to them and figure out what services they are looking for and fulfill those needs.

There are three big services that are great sells for these long, hot summer days.

1. Tree and Shrub: Insects and disease aggressively attack trees and shrubs in the summer, and evidence of this is clear to your customers. It would be ideal to start selling tree and shrub applications during the summer, when you can point out the damages insects and diseases are posing on their landscapes.

2. Flea, Tick and Perimeter Pests: We all know pesky bugs come out in the warmer months. Why let them attack your customers’ children, pets and homes?  Offer at least a 3-step program to provide a barrier for their home and landscape.

3. Lawn Aeration and Seeding: The need for lawn aeration and seeding is most obvious in the summer, since they are suffering from the scorching heat. Although you don’t actually start aerating and seeding until the fall, it’s easier to show your customers why they need this service from you now rather than later. Absolutely, the latest you should start selling this service is mid August.

Check out this video, starring Holganix CEO Barrett Ersek, to learn more about lawn aeration and seeding sales in the summer.

Want to learn how to best sell these services? Stay tuned for next week’s Marketing Hints and Tips to see how. 


Posted by Nicole Wise on May 8, 2012 4:50:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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