Marketing Hints and Tips: Running a Better Business Through Real Green Systems

Marketing Hints and Tips

Entry 13: Running a Better Business Through Real Green Systems

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Real Green Systems is THE lawn care software. It helps you organize everything from marketing to invoicing better than any program out there. If you aren’t taking advantage of the benefits of Real Green Systems, you are missing out on a chance to grow your business and free up time for yourself and your employees. According to Cliff Reedy, Business Consultant at Real Green Systems, there are three top functions offered by Real Green, which help lawn care businesses run more effectively:

1. Incredible mapping functionality- One of the great functions of the system is the mapping function. It allows lawn care companies to “lasso” a planned route together in the most efficient way possible.

2. Measurement assistant- This function gives lawn care companies the ability to better handle sales when a prospect calls. Sales teams can effectively input the data and launch onto their property digitally, showing the measurements and proper pricing. It also mentions some of the up sells and recommendations that salespeople can make to the potential customer that might be appealing.

3. Invoice printing with up sell messages- Utilizing this tool automatically lists other optional services and their prices right on invoices. It allows the customer to gain insight on some of your other services that might be desirable.

Real Green Systems are considered one of the biggest innovators in lawn care software and marketing. To learn more about how Real Green can help your business, visit http://www.realgreen.com/index.html 

A special thank you to Cliff Reedy for his input on this article.  

Posted by Nicole Wise on Jun 7, 2012 5:07:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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