Marketing Tips: What Does Your Messaging Say About Your Company?

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What Does Your Messaging Say About Your Company?


Although price may seem like your only differentiator in the lawn care industry, you don’t have to beat national lawn care companies on price to win in today’s market. In fact, the world is so filled with lawn care companies attempting to compete in this manner that it’s difficult for a homeowner to pick let alone remember one company from the next. In a world of boring lawn care companies, your messaging on marketing products (aka your direct mail pieces, your sales pitches etc) needs to reflect what makes your company different from the rest! Clients of Holganix have an easy differentiator from all the boring lawn care companies out there. By implementing Holganix, you are transforming your business from an average chemical company to a partially organic one. Holganix acts as a bridge product, allowing you to use less chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

At the end of the day, if you asked 100 people if they would prefer organic or chemical lawn care programs at the same price and resulting in the same results, the majority of those people would opt for an organic treatment. Going organic can differentiate your company in a world of boring lawn care companies. Communicating that you are doing something different gets you noticed and makes you interesting. Make sure you are incorporating this factor in your messaging and promotional tools.

            What else should you be incorporating into your message?

  1. Your greater green goal: If you are a Holganix user, you may be aware of our greater green goal to eliminate 100,000,000 pounds of nitrates, 50,000,000 pounds of phosphates and 100,000,000 ounces of concentrated pesticides. It’s a metric that we use to help measure the positive environmental impact we have on the environment. What’s your greater green goal? Incorporate this metric in your promotional tools. It makes you look like a super star and makes your customers feel like they are making a difference. Check out this link to see an example of a company that used the greater green goal in their prepay letters.
  2. Value add: Holganix produces turf with better pH, root development, water usage and insect and weed suppression. Message this in your promotion and get credit for the value you’re adding to your clients’ properties. After all, you are doing more for your customers than the TruGreens and Scotts. You’re offering a better solution that builds up the biology in the soil naturally for naturally better results.
  3. Your company ideal: What makes your company tick? Jim Stengel, author of Grow, describes a company’s ideal as the reason that a company is in existence; it’s what makes your company tick. Check out this article on discovering your company ideal.

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Posted by Nicole Wise on Jan 16, 2013 8:54:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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