The Science Behind Holganix: Meet the Scientist

The Science Behind Holganix

Meet the Scientist


Holganix scientist and inventor Stephen T. Lange has a passion for microbes, which led him to invent the Holganix product. What makes it so special? What’s inside of Holganix? Watch the video above to learn more.

Some of the key topics Stephen discusses are:

  • Holganix- What’s Inside? (0:00) - Holganix contains trillions of microorganisms that help Mother Nature do her job and create healthier, greener more sustainable turf, trees, shrubs and flowers. 
  • What Is a Biological Meta-Catalyst? (4:03) – biological meta-catalysts are soil amendments or additives that introduce and promote more efficient use of nutrients by plants. They are used in plant fertility programs to significantly reduce the amount of supplemental nutrients needed to produce optimal color, root development and health.
  • Improving Fertility Efficiencies (6:40) – what are some of the ingredients that help Holganix make fertilizers more efficient and at lower rates? Humic and fulvic acid, kelp, nitrogen-fixing bacteria and protozoa are some of the key ingredients that help with this important function of Holganix product.


Posted by Nicole Wise on Apr 2, 2013 3:24:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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