The Science Behind Holganix: New Studies & Products Underway at Holganix

The Science Behind Holganix

New Studies and Products Underway at Holganix

Before joining the Holganix team as our Director of Soil and Plant Science, Dr. Robert Neidermyer did not initially accept the claims Holganix was making. He has had a long history in the agronomic and crop protection industry. He had seen organics at work and was not impressed; to him Holganix had to prove itself. Yet, he was curious and he started researching the Holganix claims. In the end, Holganix prevailed and Dr. Neidermyer became a Holganix enthusiast.

In this video, Dr. Bob (as he affectionately is called by the Holganix team) gives a speech on some of the studies and products that are underway through the Holganix Research and Development Team as well as by our university partners. In the first half of his speech, Dr. Bob discusses how to properly view scientific studies by Holganix or, for that matter, any other company doing agricultural research. Afterward, he launches into an overview of our Holganix Granular 10-0-0 product (7:45). He further dives into some of the cool things the Holganix community can look forward to in the near future (12:05). Some of the products to be on the look out for are:

  • Holganix liquid with nitrogen
  • Holganix Granular with an increased nitrogen content
  • Agricultural applications

If you are interested in what research studies are underway at the universities, Dr. Bob reviews that as well (13:30). All in all, it’s an exciting time in Holganix history with new innovations just around the bend. Watch the video to learn more about Dr. Bob and some of the awesome studies and products that are underway at Holganix Research and Development as well as by our university partners. 

Posted by Nicole Wise on Apr 18, 2013 10:31:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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