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Think back on the last time you ever bothered to give a commercial or piece of advertisement a moment of your time. According to CBS the average person sees roughly 5,000 adds each day, yet despite these massive numbers we hardly pay any attention to them. This is because Americans have become so bombarded by boring advertisements and the dull companies that they no longer spark our attention.


In his book, The Purple Cow, Seth Godin calls these boring companies and advertisements brown cows. After all, we see brown cows all over rural America and never give them a second thought. Seth Godin believes the answer to the brown cow disease is to transform your company and/or marketing angle into a purple cow! A purple cow is a product, company or advertisement that is unique and remarkable; it’s something that grabs your attention and won’t let go. Make your company remarkable and worth talking about to win in today’s market.


Examples of Purple Cows:

  1. If you were watching 2012’s Super Bowl then you remember the Chevy commercial that played during half time, staring Clint Eastwood. It was entitled Halftime in America. This is a great example of a purple cow advertisement. In only 1 week it has had 6 million you tube hits alone! Click here to watch the commercial for yourself.
  2. Whether you like her or not,
  3. it’s hard not to notice Lady Gaga, especially when she shows up to receive awards wearing a dress made of meat! Lady Gaga is a prime example of a purple cow, after all how could you forget her?
  4. The whole concept of 1800-GOT-JUNK? is clean junk removal. When was the last time you put the words clean and junk together in one sentence? This company is remarkable and as a result they’ve reached 150 million dollars in 10 years and are now a global, international enterprise. But perhaps the craziest thing is that they practiced non-revenue marketing! Instead they wrote a simple one-page letter to Oprah, which after appearing on her show started an international phenomenon.
  5. Apple is another company that we all know and love. The thing that makes them a purple cow is their incredible focus on design and user inter-phase. Such a unique focus allowed Apple to reign supreme in an industry where Dell had held the monopoly.

So what makes you remarkable? How is your company different from your competition? How does your add stand out? Becoming a purple cow is easier then you think. It all comes down to adding value to customer’s lives. Making your product or service better, cheaper, safer or more convenient is sure to get you noticed. For those in the lawn care world an easy way to become a purple cow and add value to your customer’s lives is to useHolganixHolganix is a 100% bio nutritional product that keeps your lawns greener, attracts customers and saves you money. Be remarkable and be worth making a remark about!

Posted by Nicole Wise on Apr 26, 2013 1:20:00 PM

Nicole Wise

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