Promoting vigor and color in your flowers

Nothing looks more beautiful in a garden than colorful, healthy flowers. With annuals, achieving the most pop and life in as short a time as possible as compared with turf is key. Yet, how do you promote vigor and color in your flowers? It all comes down to fertilization and how the flowers efficiently acquire and use nutrients and water. By utilizing a bionutritional product like Holganix, landscapers and gardeners alike can create the perfect, colorful garden. 

Holganix flowersFertilization—Reducing Fertilizers with Great Results

Fertilizer is necessary to promoting colorful flowers. However, as you apply fertilizers, many of the nutrients don’t actually make it to the plant. Instead, some nutrients become locked within the soil, becoming unavailable for plant use. Bionutritional products like Holganix help unlock these nutrients and covert them to a useable form for your flowers. That means that the fertilizer you use gets you optimal results. Just think, with Holganix, you can reduce tablespoons of fertilizers to mere teaspoons!


Food Sources—Making Natural Food Sources Available

Yet another helpful feature of Holganix is its ability to improve the cation exchange capacity of your soil. This is the ability for the soil to store one particular group of nutrients called cat ions. The major cat ion nutrients include calcium, magnesium and potassium. Improvement of the exchange capacity of your soil will make nutrients that were unavailable to your flowers accessible!


Watering—Reducing Water Needs Is Easy

Holganix significantly reduces your watering needs. The mycorrhizae found within the Holganix secret recipe helps create a thicker, deeper root system allowing for better water, food and mineral translocation. Furthermore, Yucca and additional sugars also help the plant increase water retention.




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Posted by Kaitlyn Ersek on Jan 7, 2016 9:08:15 AM

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