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Tips For Applying Holganix!

Holganix Application

This blog is especially relevant for all of the new members of the Holganix family! If you are a first time user of Holganix, please take the time to read the below tips for correctly applying Holganix to your plants and turf.


1.     What type of spray gun is recommended?

Certain spray guns can dilute the effectiveness of Holganix. Because Holganix contains living microorganisms, we need to be certain that the guns utilized are calibrated correctly (no less than 1.5 gallons/1,000 sq. ft.) and contain the correct-size holes. If the holes on your spray gun are too small, you could clog the sprayer. With that in mind, be sure you change your screen to a 10 to 20-micron screen. Also, please be certain to clean your screen weekly. The following spray guns are recommended for Holganix users:

  • Chemlawn gun
  • Boom Sprayer

Visit our logistics page for details.


2.     How many applications per year can you apply?

We recommend a minimum of 4 lawn applications and 6 tree/shrub applications. However, the more applications, the better! Discuss your company’s Holganix program with your Holganix representative.


3.     What safety precautions should I follow?

Holganix is food-grade edible and FDA approved. There are no safety precautions necessary when utilizing Holganix. However, once you combine products with Holganix it is necessary to follow all labeling guidelines.


4.     How should I store Holganix?

Most Holganix products must be refrigerated at 37-44 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping most Holganix products at room temperatures only ensures a 72-hour shelf life. Learn more about our refrigeration options (including the patent-pending Holganix RAD) here.


5.     How should Holganix be mixed? What is its compatibility?

Holganix allows you to reduce the rates of many fertilizers and pesticides. Please check the compatibility of your inputs and the appropriate application rates here.


Posted by Nicole Wise on Aug 6, 2013 10:09:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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