The Science Behind Holganix: Pathways vs. Holganix

The Science Behind Holganix 

Pathways vs. Holganix

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When it comes to fostering healthy, beautiful plants, bionutritional products can mean big pay offs for users. Bionutritional products promote strong plant health by naturally increasing resistance to disease, minimizing insect damage, and increasing the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization. Holganix and Pathways are examples of bionutritional products and can also be considered Biological Meta-Catalysts and Biological Stimulants for plant health.

Both Holganix and Pathways (bionutritional products for professional turf management) are working to spread the word on bionutrition for healthy plants and healthy soils. We salute Pathways for its valiant efforts in promoting the importance of bionutritional turf products! However, there are distinct differences between Holganix and Pathways in terms of microbiology philosophies and ingredients that impact the performance of both products. 


Differing Microbiology Philosophies

What is best for your soil and plant environment? Lab-created microorganisms or naturally selected microorganisms from the environment? While Pathways opts for lab-created ingredients, Holganix believes that selecting microorganisms already found within a healthy soil and plant ecosystem is more beneficial and better for the environment as a whole. Why is this the case? Lab or strained specific varieties of microorganisms seldom survive in the real world. Lab-grown microorganisms aren’t recognized by the native microorganisms already found within the soil and are seen as a threat, resulting in the natives attacking the lab creations. By harvesting microorganisms already indigenous to the area, you remove the threat of clashing with native microorganisms. Using Holganix is comparable to cheating the lottery. With Holganix you know the lottery number ahead of time instead of simply guessing. By utilizing indigenous microorganisms like those in Holganix you are sure to win the lottery and introduce microorganisms that are compatible with the natural soil ecosystem. However, utilizing lab-grown microorganisms is synonymous to guessing lottery numbers; you never know if you hold the winning number.

Make no mistake: both methods of producing microorganisms means consistent and reliable ingredients within the product and great results. However, this distinct difference in microbiology philosophies is key to understanding the difference between Pathways and Holganix.


Let the Ingredients do the Talking!

Holganix is teeming with life and so is Pathways! Like Pathways, Holganix contains amino acids, kelp, molasses, and fulvic acid. Unlike Pathways, Holganix also contains yucca extract, humic acid, gluten, endo and ectomycorrhizae, auxins, Tirchoderma, and so much more! For a list of our ingredients, check out this blog, which details the Holganix secret recipe.

Holganix is delivered to users premixed and contains all of the ingredients mentioned. However, with Pathways users must mix several different Pathways products before it’s ready for application (often, this can lead to inconsistency of the product). The differences in ingredients within Pathways and Holganix can mean the world in terms of performance. Whenever you are looking at bionutritional products, examining an ingredient list is crucial for determining which product will give you the best results.

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Nicole Wise

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