Holganix Case Studies: Amazing Plant Health at Otter Creek Golf Course

The Holganix Case Studies

Amazing Plant Health at Otter Creek Golf Course

“I’m always seeking an organic route to add to my program and try to be as environmentally sensitive as possible,” states Cory Troyer, superintendent of Otter Creek Golf Course in Indiana. However, Troyer also admits that he has tried organic products in the past that either didn’t give the results promised or were just plain difficult to manage.

With Holganix Golf, Troyer is able to practice organic golf course management techniques while receiving great results.

According to Troyer, Holganix Golf allows him to significantly increase the depth and density of the turf root systems. He has also been able to maximize his fertility program and wait longer between fungicide applications. 

Overall, Troyer states that with Holganix Golf, “plant health and color have been amazing! [Holganix Golf] has been a great addition to my program.”

Want to learn more about Troyer's Holganix experience? Watch the video above.

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Posted by Nicole Wise on Sep 18, 2013 10:00:00 AM

Nicole Wise

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